Live life and let the angels guide you

by Lacey1008

When I meet someone for the first time, it's as though I know them! I feel there presence it overwhelms me! Judgement is human nature but even the people who seem nice can b detected and unearthed as fakes to me! I don't see an aura I see the personality, the good and the bad in a person! Sometimes I have dreams of people I have never met and soon surely enough I come across them and think to myself do I know you!to follow your instincts is a gift, mine has never failed! I have a urge for another baby but experience and those from other people that it won't happen unless it's meant to b! Sometimes we have children by mistake, but mistakes turn to reality and then to b a lessoned learned! Relax, live every day n let things happen naturally your body will decide! The angels will guide you, don't be angry your time will come or mayb it never was meant to b!

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