Prophetic Visions by Valerie

by Medium Valerie

Today is 12/23/11 and I'm providing some more of my prophetic visions. Hope you all enjoy reading these. I don't claim to be perfect at this.....but here it goes..... The current situation at the moment, in the Republican race is........ a close second with Romney, Gingrich coming in first.......Bachman at the moment is next after Ron Paul. Something like that....

Ok, so this is what I see coming up in the political race, .......

I do feel there will be some gain with Romney, then Gingrich, either ties or falls a bit lower in the polls. This should happen before mid January. I also got both G. R. will fall lower in the polls somewhere in Feb or later. I get a vision of Bachman rising more a bit in the polls, by Feb.(Bachman, Mit and Gingrich remind me to two dogs fighting over a bone and the dog(Bachman) not fighting runs away with it) I also do feel that something will happen with Ron Paul(great man by the way), very soon, but he will be forced to drop out or something will stop him in the middle of the race. I'm not clear on that is yet. To be honest, I think Bachman, is meant to win, but not sure if it will happen just yet. Bachman really needs to broaden her mind and become more enlightened. She needs a spiritual awakening. If this happens, her views will change, but she could also rise in the polls. I do see Obama, will have a close race in the end, but I feel he may not want to go second term, because his wife is ready to get life back to normal. One thing is for sure, whoever gets in office, there will be lots of changes for the country. Whoever holds the office in 2013 may have to give some responsibility to the vice president, which could be a woman, also. For one reason or another. To be honest I'm not sure who I personally want in office. I would like someone who helps the promote green energy, jobs. Opens more jobs in the technical field. creates a better cleaner earth overall. I hope that nuclear energy, is not their solution for cleaner air. Goodness!

The Middle East will improve in 2012, and rioting starts to get less, around July/August. We have done a great job, but it's been hard getting there.....There will be a clear separation of radicals and moderates world wide. People will gain a greater understanding of religion in general and more people will become spiritual. We haven't achieved World peace yet, there are still some countries to watch for, including Middle East, Russia etc.

Although we talk about border control, I see a closer relationship to Mexico, in 2012. This is mainly out of necessity, really.

This is a vision, which is really unclear with me at the moment. I see animals and lots of them being put in one place. This could be another Noah's Ark, but being more realistic, I see more being saved by Zoos, Polar Bears in particular and for some reason I see a vision of lots of giraffes. Saving animals from extinction should be our focus in 2013.

Celebrity predictions.....

Lots of changes with Jennifer Aniston this year......
but no biological children. I feel that she may still adopt, but time frame is moved up on this somewhere between now and 2014.

Demi Moore will find happiness in her life and possible settle down in marriage, again, very soon in 2012/2013.

Weather changes.........

I see weather reversals, like South becomes warm, North cold. This weather reversal is why, I feel the North, Canada, Alaska, have more concerns with hurricanes in 2012/2013.

Actually, the east coast at the most will have a small storm or hurricane. Notice, I say, at the most, because this area looks ok, to me. I do see some flooding though.

July, 2012-1013 will be increasingly hot in the Southern West. with States like Tx, AZ, CA. These places will have strong heat waves, but the winters will be milder, more snow etc.

World predictions......

Wow, Aliens what a fun subject. Yes, we will see more evidence of Aliens, but remember, the flash in the sky is far, far away, even though it looks near. But we will find more pieces falling of their spaceships. Many wonder about government hiding, knowledge about E.T. which is funny to me, because, if they know wouldn't we know. I mean why would the government find a flying object but not us. I do however feel they may be studying E.T. with high technology. That is true.

Science, will have more advances, and I see they will produce, amazing things with million year old DNA. I have a vision of a tiny egg fossil, from possibly some type of dinosaur. They extract the DNA and are able to produce dinosaurs and whooly mammoths, in a lab setting, really! This is undercover top secret, so I'm not sure if we will hear about this yet.

Helping Native American and indigenous tribes everywhere will increase good Karma for USA and world wide. What goes around comes around.

On the other hand.....
2013 is the year of manifesting our reality. So dare to dream. Our weather, presidential nominations and our own happiness depend that we visualize. So have faith and be positive. Think about it, didn't things we thought, dreamed focused on materialize in 2011. So remember our future is never totally, set in stone....

12/23/11 prophetic visions by Medium Valerie

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Jan 18, 2012
by: pc visionary

When I was 18 years old, I was sitting on my bed and briefly closed my eyes, only to see a vision before me which was of a vehicle pulling into a minimart. At first I thought it was a profetic vision of a possible robbery, but later realized that I was witnessing something LIVE! It was shortly after that, I began to have the ability to induce visions simply by closing my eyes and picturing myself with opened eyes moving forward. I am now 36 and have gone through some rough times, but am currently meditating to get back to the zone I was once in. My brother also at one time had the same gift.

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