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Psychic Blog Updates:

Jul 15, 2017

Mystical Great Pyramid

Psi-Geographic reveals Earth's fifth chakra is found at Egypt's Mystical Great Pyramid

Continue reading "Mystical Great Pyramid"

Jul 14, 2017

Spiritual Magical Uluru

Psi-Geographic goes to our Solar Plexus Chakra - Spiritual Magical Uluru

Continue reading "Spiritual Magical Uluru"

Jul 12, 2017


Spiritual and Metaphysical Travel Destinations. Psi-Geographic is for your stories and news about journeys to mystic places.

Continue reading "Psi-Geographic"

Jul 12, 2017

Mystic Lake Titicaca

Spiritual and Metaphysical Travel Destinations. Psi-Geographic delves into the Mystic Lake Titicaca

Continue reading "Mystic Lake Titicaca"

Jul 12, 2017

Develop Psychic Abilities

Start here to be taken to all the resourceful pages I have amassed for helping you to develop psychic abilities.

Continue reading "Develop Psychic Abilities"

Jul 12, 2017

Shadow People and Angels

This dream happened three times to me. Everything's lifelike to me. First Dream: I was following a shadow man through this maze that had a painted sky

Continue reading "Shadow People and Angels"

Jul 12, 2017

Mystic Places of Spiritual Pilgrimage and their Energy

No matter our spiritual background and system of beliefs we may (or may not) adhere to, it is next to impossible to imagine a person who has not heard

Continue reading "Mystic Places of Spiritual Pilgrimage and their Energy"

Jul 11, 2017

Mount Shasta Mysteries

Psi-Geographic would not be complete with mentioning Lemuria, Aghartha and other Mount Shasta Mysteries

Continue reading "Mount Shasta Mysteries"

Jul 11, 2017

Metaphysically Magnificent Sedona

If you are seeking spiritual enlightenment go to Metaphysically Magnificent Sedona for your Psychic Sabbatical

Continue reading "Metaphysically Magnificent Sedona"

Jul 11, 2017

Glastonbury Tour

Psi-Geographic Guide to the mystical Isle of Avalon - home of the Tor, Abbey, Chalice Well, and Labyrinth. Be sure to include a Spiritual Glastonbury Tour in your Psychic Sabbaticals

Continue reading "Glastonbury Tour"

Jul 11, 2017

Travel Machu Picchu Peru

The metaphysical mother lode for Psychic Sabbaticals would be Spiritual Travel Machu Picchu Peru

Continue reading "Travel Machu Picchu Peru"

Jul 11, 2017

Ancient Wisdom

With a purpose to bring New Age info out of the backstreets and into main-stream retailing, this is how I manifested Ancient Wisdom

Continue reading "Ancient Wisdom"

Jul 11, 2017

Giving Birth but Child Taken Away. Recurring Theme

When I was around 15-16 I had recurring dreams of miscarriages in different situations. I'm 21 now and I've not had those dreams for a while. But recently

Continue reading "Giving Birth but Child Taken Away. Recurring Theme"

Jul 09, 2017

Accurate Psychic Reviews

Read about or recommend the most reputable clairvoyants in our accurate psychic reviews project

Continue reading "Accurate Psychic Reviews"

Jul 09, 2017

5 Powerful Psychic Love Questions

If you're looking to find out what's in store for you romantically, get ready with these 5 Powerful Psychic Love Questions

Continue reading "5 Powerful Psychic Love Questions"

Jul 09, 2017

Reading Tarot Cards

How to develop TarotVision in six simple steps. You will be using your psychic perception while reading tarot cards.

Continue reading "Reading Tarot Cards"

Jul 09, 2017

Psychic Powers

I have found that with a little guidance, just about everyone can engage their psychic powers.

Continue reading "Psychic Powers"

Jul 09, 2017

Ouija Board Stories

Some bring good news, some bring warnings, but on this page you will find a selection of Ouija Board Stories to enthral.

Continue reading "Ouija Board Stories"

Jul 08, 2017

List of Psychic Abilities - A to Z

I've compiled a full A to Z of extra sensory perceptions in this extensive list of psychic abilities and forms of prophesy.

Continue reading "List of Psychic Abilities - A to Z "

Jul 08, 2017

Past Lives Analysis

Read how others have found evidence of reincarnation and share your own experiences for past lives analysis here.

Continue reading "Past Lives Analysis"

Jul 08, 2017

Alpha State Of Mind Script

Free script and free Alpha entrainment MP3 for accessing the alpha state of mind.

Continue reading "Alpha State Of Mind Script"

Jul 05, 2017

Raising Your Vibration With the Tarot

As a spirit being, we have an innate curiosity to discover what is beyond the physical realm. Where do we come from? What's our purpose? How does all of

Continue reading "Raising Your Vibration With the Tarot"

Jul 05, 2017

Readings by Kelley

Psychic Interview with Readings by Kelley

Continue reading "Readings by Kelley"

Jul 05, 2017

Begin with Tarot

In the early stages of your psychic development you can begin with tarot in this easy and fun way.

Continue reading "Begin with Tarot"

Jul 01, 2017

Psychic Schools and Spiritual Colleges

Another way to develop psychic ability or study metaphysical sciences is to enroll with one of these Psychic Schools or Spiritual Colleges.

Continue reading "Psychic Schools and Spiritual Colleges"

Jul 01, 2017

Famous Psychics

A project developing the very best website list of our Most Famous Psychics.

Continue reading "Famous Psychics"

Jun 30, 2017

Psychic Grounding Exercises

In your psychic development, it is important to keep your etheric body sound. Use these Psychic Grounding Exercises for your Chakras

Continue reading "Psychic Grounding Exercises"

Jun 30, 2017

Crystal Ball Tutorial

Develop your psychic abilities and gain mystical insights with this crystal ball tutorial

Continue reading "Crystal Ball Tutorial"

Jun 28, 2017

Angel Stories

Guardians sent from above to guide us, these divine messengers have proved helpful in many ways. You can review our many Angel Stories, and/or guest post your own here.

Continue reading "Angel Stories"

Jun 28, 2017

How to Develop Intuition

It is possible to develop your Sixth Sense. Start here to learn how to develop intuition and test it.

Continue reading "How to Develop Intuition"

Jun 28, 2017

Dream Meanings Project

Dreams contain messages from our psychic sense, get your interpretations free via the dream meanings project.

Continue reading "Dream Meanings Project"

Jun 27, 2017

The Wrong Shape

I have always in my 53 years felt like a wrong shaped peg. They try to hammer me in the wrong shape. It is also like standing on the outside of a crowd

Continue reading "The Wrong Shape"

Jun 21, 2017


Tarotology: A Beginner’s Guide In simple terms the art of tarot reading utilizes specially-designed cards for divinatory and esoteric or occult purposes

Continue reading "Tarotology"

Jun 18, 2017

Angels, Ascended Masters & Spirit Guides

Angels What are they? - Angels are beings of the highest vibrational realm they are protectors of the earth and work in unity to keep the cycle of the

Continue reading "Angels, Ascended Masters & Spirit Guides"

Jun 18, 2017

Angel At My Shoulder

In 1997 I was working on a recording project with BMG records in London. I was helped by an angel on my shoulder. I was running out of time to meet a

Continue reading "Angel At My Shoulder"

Jun 15, 2017

Intuitive Ability

With being an intuitive, you truly have to tune into those around you, including those you can’t see, and whatever energies surround you. These energies

Continue reading "Intuitive Ability"

Jun 15, 2017

Give Yourself Permission To Have Psychic Experiences

Give Yourself Permission To Have Psychic Experiences I have had psychic experiences all my life. When I was seven I had my first OOB (Out of Body) experience.

Continue reading "Give Yourself Permission To Have Psychic Experiences"

Jun 14, 2017

Awakening Psychic Abilities

The term “psychic” has been taken so far out of context, and has become so blemished, it is nearly impossible to believe we will ever have a spiritual

Continue reading "Awakening Psychic Abilities"

Jun 14, 2017

How To Have a Spiritual Journey

Discovering your spiritual path usually isn’t based on simply finding your personal path. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy? Ah, but then you’d

Continue reading "How To Have a Spiritual Journey"

Jun 14, 2017

Using Spiritual Intuition to Guide Your Life

I sat in the spiritualist church where I went every week. I rarely got a reading and didn't usually win the raffle either but I liked the people and the

Continue reading "Using Spiritual Intuition to Guide Your Life"

Jun 14, 2017

Opening to Channel

Another way of developing your psychic mediumship ability is to learn about opening to channel your guides, angels and other spirit beings.

Continue reading "Opening to Channel"

Jun 14, 2017

Be Psychic with Tarot Vision

Develop your sixth sense by learning how to be psychic with tarot vision.

Continue reading "Be Psychic with Tarot Vision"

Jun 14, 2017

Alpha Mind Power Training

A very good place to start your psychic development training is with alpha mind power training

Continue reading "Alpha Mind Power Training"

Jun 13, 2017

The Heart of Spiritualism: How to Talk With Your Spirit Guides or Loved Ones in the Afterlife

In the religion of Spiritualism, mediumship plays a prominent role. Its adherents regard it as a gift from God and a legitimate means of communicating

Continue reading "The Heart of Spiritualism: How to Talk With Your Spirit Guides or Loved Ones in the Afterlife"

Jun 07, 2017

Instagram Psychic

Interview with Nikki an Instagram Psychic

Continue reading "Instagram Psychic"

Jun 01, 2017


Sian22 is an incredible reader. She combines Life Coaching with her uncanny psychic ability. I have had so many validations with her predictions. She used

Continue reading "Sian22"

May 30, 2017

Dreamed Psychic Gave Scary Reading

Last night I had a dream that I went to go see a palm reader. I walked into her house and there was clutter everywhere, ancient artifacts and things like

Continue reading "Dreamed Psychic Gave Scary Reading "

May 30, 2017

Love Psychic Readings

New romances and predicting marriage are all in a day's work for Love Psychic Reading advisors.

Continue reading "Love Psychic Readings"

May 29, 2017

Psychic Advice

Readings differ between mediums, clairvoyants, tarot readers and channelers. Here's how to acquire the best psychic advice

Continue reading "Psychic Advice"

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