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Scorpio Horoscope Junkie predictions for 2014 (born between October 24 and November 21)

You’re in the Great Company of These Famous Scorpios: Sally Field, Tatum O'Neal, Henry Winkler, Joan Sutherland, Pablo Picasso, Chiang Kai-Shek, Robert Louis Stevenson, Marie Antoinette, Martin Luther, Bobby Kennedy, Marie Curie, Petula Clark, Billy Graham, Rock Hudson, Jody Foster, Jonas Salk, Prince Charles, Charles Bronson, Leon Trotsky, Bill Gates, Calvin Klein, Sarah Bernhardt, Burt Lancaster, Theodore Roosevelt, John Cleese, Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Katherine Hepburn, Richard Burton, Goldie Hawn, Neil Young, Grace Kelly, Whoppi Goldberg, Voltaire, Demi Moore, Charles Atlas. (You can add more in the comments at bottom of page)

To help in your own achievements for 2014 imagine being one of the above famous Scorpios in various situations you find difficult. How would you be creative in a certain scenario if you were an Pablo Picasso or how would a Charles Atlas turn a weakness into a perfectly developed situation? This is a metaphysical way to call upon psychic Scorpio Oomph when you need it.

Passion reigns paramount in 2014 for the Scorpio. Being passionate in many areas of your life will bring you the most success.

Your 2014 Scorpio Horoscope for Career will see you add seriousness to the passion in your work, and in so doing, your career will shine. Give your self a no-holds-barred year and allow your emotions to show in what you do day-in day-out and that corporate ladder will become an up-escalator.

Your Scorpio 2014 Horoscope for Love. With passion as your theme you will find this the perfect year for love and romance. Now’s the time to find a mate, or if already found, now’s the time to spice up the romance. It doesn't matter if you are attached or not, be passionate in all relationships. Take extra care to add that extra touch, give more of yourself and you will find your heart buzzing with love.

Your Scorpio Horoscope for 2014 Life Path. Without being passionate about a destination, a life goal or ambition, you do not have a life path. During the early part of the year give yourself some time out so that you can focus on what you feel will be the most important direction for your life to take. Because with a life path fueled by passion you will succeed far beyond any unemotional daydream you may have held onto in the past.

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