19 yr old Indigo Gemini

by Aaron
(Southern CA)

So I've always been into horoscopes since I was young and I 100% believe in my sign being the Gemini. I am the balance between the opposites. I have two sides to me. I just turned 19 and now I'm a sophmore in college, assistant manager at my job, and I work hard to do right in everything. On the flypside tho when I'm not at work, school, or with the fam I am ALL ABOUT having my FUN. I love goin to clubs, raves, and anywhere that involves dancing and girls. Out of all my friends I am always the youngest but I always seem to be the one who knows where he's headed in life. Everyone else is still clueless but I know the path that I am on and creating as I go will lead me to success.

Until the other day, I never really cared or looked into auras. Just one of those things that I never took the time to pay attention to in my busy life. What kinda sparked my interest was a picture I took. I was taking it cuz a girl had sent me a pic and I was returning the favor. I took the picture and it had a light redish blue coloring around me. My first thought was oh that's pretty cool, it's probably just from the light hitting the lense of my camera. But then I kinda thought about the colors red and blue. That pretty much sums up who I am in their symbolism. So then I started looking up auras and what their colors meant. I looked up the combination of red and blue and found Indigo. Emediatly when I started reading about the Indigos I knew that's excactly what my aura is. Not a question in my mind even though I can't see auras.

Then I also started reading how some Indigo's can see the future and their have been a couple of times where I have done this which literally just hapened to me last week. I would sleep one night and have a dream and then like 6 months to a year down the line the dream would come true! It would never be anything big but I would be doing something and then remember me dreaming about seeing this excact same thing. I am new to this whole aura thing and definately am not an expert but I always go with what I feel and this definately has proven right to me.

Thanx fer listinen.

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Jul 26, 2013
Astrology and Indigos
by: Anja

Hei there :)
I found horoscopes and astrology quite fascinating and meaningful too and i was always wondering what does it mean to be a leo or cancer or picsces etc and what differs us from one another. So i started doing researches and really got into it for quite some time.

I'm a cancer myself and am all about emotions which contributes to being an empath to some point. Even though i also got a lot of earth and fire in my natal chart so that levels it out. No so long ago I was reading about having Neptune and Uranus in conjunction and Pluto in Scorpio and I've read that most of the Indigo generation has those in their natal charts, including me. That's interesting.

Here's the link to the site, if you're interested --> www.planetwaves.net/contents/astrology_indigo_children.html

Anyways, if you have any questions what-so-ever, feel free to ask.
Cheers :)

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