2008 in 2000

by Brandon Garrison
(Pittsburgh, PA - USA)

I had a precognitive dream in which I believed it was 2008 but it was only the year 2000. In what I call a dream I ended up experiencing years of events all the way up to and after I'd been laid off from work. I saw myself on a cruise to the Caribbean, meeting several women one when I was on the cruise, one at work and two from out of town but things didn't work out with any of them.

I believed it was the year 2008 so much that when asked I readily stated it was 2008 and was flabbergasted when people looked at me as if I was crazy when I was corrected about the year it was. I mean I even argued that I was right.

Needless to say I was shocked, for lack of a better word, when those events happened just as I had seen in the exact same order.

If I didn't state the order I'll do so.

I applied for and got a job at a place called velocity express in February of 2007 went on a cruise three months later and met a woman named Edith from Belize, returned to the States and met a coworker named Katy. After that I met a lady named Emery, and a young woman named Sylvia, (I do not believe I ever new her real name).

I've had deja vu experiences my entire life and experienced days that I swore I already lived through.

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