7z Indigo Sensitivity

by Abraham de Zoysa
(Dublin Ireland)

7z Indigo

7z Indigo

Hi my names Abraham and I’m a real earth born indigo. I even have a mark on my left hand of a seven and lightning bolt. 7z a gift from god I guess.

I’m super sensitive and have the ability to see inter-dimensional beings, demons, and deities etc. I have no idea what I’ve been through for 32 years but especially the last 15 years I’ve been through hell.

I’m able to reach the 5th to 7th vibrational dimensional consciousness for 6 months a year for 10 years. I’ve been committed against my will where doctors inject me with drugs and lock me up’ It takes 3 months to get my powers back after coming off the medication and I’ve been on it all and it doesn’t work. OK, it puts u back in the system and stops the gifts but I want to live with my gifts and be able to be accepted by this sick world.

I hear voices and I know its part telepathy and reading into the consciousness I believe it’s also demons and they’re out to kick my ass.

It’s real hard, I’m the typical indigo, I was sexually molested as a child by neighbours, I was bullied all my life.

I’m mixed race (Irish/Portuguese/SriLankan) I was born in Ceylon and grew up in Dublin and I’ll tell you this, I’ve never and do not fit in. I can’t conform to society and follow rules and I can’t connect with authority. I’ve abused drugs and drink for 18 years to help me cope although I’m sober now.

People don’t get the ESP and the ability to read between the lines or deeper analysing and so I’m told I’m mad. The hardest part is my sensitivity I’m full of love empathy and forgiveness and I suppose if you’re not an indigo you’ll never understand indigo. It’s very hard.

I’m only out of hospital after a four month stint and I’ve been off my meds for two months so my sensitivity is starting to come back.

I’d love to talk with other indigos, rainbows or crystals please.

My email is abraham7@live.ie ..... Abe

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Jul 03, 2017
Abraham DE Zoysa
by: Rachel from New York City

I had no idea of all your psychic abilities! Is that how you tracked me down in New York? I thought it was the spies you hired to follow me at home, work, train, etc?!

Dec 09, 2012
I'm a very wise Indigo Adult
by: HyTech/kingjames

7z I love you :). I have a birthmark of a heart; an almost perfectly shaped heart, but it is also shaped like the devil's face... I am haunted by many karmic energies but I love everything about life, even this experience. I have a lot of respect for you because you are brave to face the demons at such an intense level; don't ever let those demons win. I face them myself too, but I'm not afraid; it is all an illusion to cause fear and discomfort, so know that those visions do not come from our Creator/God/Higher-Self/Light/ect..


Anyone that shares this same compassion for all creatures created by God and shares the same passion to help others in the form of spoken wisdom, feel free to txt me as well:
(213) 293-8343

I can talk about any subject and I'm not limited to any knowledge boundary. I have a need to connect with all of you Indigos; help me help you as we help each other.

Oct 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

Really good to hear your story I hope you reach a place of peace and a total understanding of who you are and your purpose in this life.

I'm sure its a good one, if you want to exchange experiences email me it would be good to hear from you my name is Gareth.

Love and peace to all, Amen.


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