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Am I Psychic

by Penelope Ghias
(Plaistow London)

Am I a Psychic?

Am I a Psychic?

I wanted to find out if I’m a little psychic at all. I see spirit also sometimes I get this horrible feeling in my stomach its weird I feel like crying I get an uncontrollable feeling and I don’t know what it is. Usually within a day to a week something happens. One morning as I woke and was getting dressed, to my surprise I saw a pair of wings like the ones you see with hells angels on their crash helmets with the letter A between the wings and it was also scratched on my stomach above my belly-button.

Anyway I showed my boys and they said “where did that come from?” I told them. Then a couple of days later their step aunt died while someone had tried to set fire to their house as they were asleep. She rescued her children but she died. (This was in the news from Scotland). Her name was (A) Angela

Also I was at the sink and was feeling at my lowest when I said out loud “please, if there anyone please, please, help me”. Then I heard this loud breath in my ear it took me back a little as I was not expecting that at all.

Sorry if I’m boring anyone but I need to ask about being told I had a spirit guide called William. He’s an agricultural worker from the1800’s. I went to bed and asked for him but I had no response so then I said it again and said “I know you’re here”. Then to my surprise a voice said “I know”. It was a little freaky but I was ok.

If I am even a little psychic I don’t know how to bring it out. I would love to be able to help others and spirit.

Thank you for being so patient - best wishes Penelope

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Nov 08, 2009
Help to Develop Psychic Ability
by: ZorbaZiv

Slow your mind. Modern life tends to wind us up; literally speeding up our brainwave frequency. Normal daily, wide-awake, states of consciousness are Beta frequency 14 up to 20+ cycles per second. Beta level brainwave activity is too fast to allow psychic connections. So the practices of meditation and relaxation methods you are comfortable with are the first steps to develop psychic ability. Click Here For More Advanced Help

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Earthquake Terror

by Elena James
(New Jersey)

I have always been able to see things that other people around dont seem to see. I sometimes see colors or auras around people and sense when their intentions and feelings are sincere. I also get dreams of things that will happen in the near or far future. It was January 11 2010, I just got home from my job and was getting ready to go to bed. I dreamt of the earth shaking. When I opened my eyes I was no longer in my bedroom but in a dark shack looking place with red drapey curtains and chairs and a matress on the floor. There were people screaming and babies crying. The language was different, not english. Every one was running out of the house when the roof began to colapse. Then I woke up the next day sweating and tears running down my eyes. I turned on the news to see that Haiti had just suffered a deathly earthquake. I dont know if this was just a coincidence but it did happen and I was scared.

Does this mean Im psychic? Can someone please explain to me what happened? I'm really confused.

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Jun 26, 2010
You Do See Things My Friend
by: Anonymous

You really do see things my friend, we all do,the thing about it is this,if you ignore it, or feel ''its just a dream'' it will eventually go away, and it will no longer come to you. In this modern world, people look at things differently, and dismisses any thing that is not sientifically accepted. They redicule anyone who says anything that is not accepted,as crazy. So people who see things, usually stays quiet for fear of rejection.

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Am I Psychic?

by Lorena
(FL U.S.A.)

Well this is my first time writing this on a psychic website. So okay, well I don't know what I have or if I even am psychic, but like I can really see through people. I know when someone is lying to me and I can like, really get them.

For example I would go up to my friend Alyssa and I'll ask her something that I don't know about her like, “what’s your favorite type of ice cream?". I'll guess she likes vanilla and then she says "vanilla”. but like some people are harder to figure out then others. For me to like know a stranger I'll have to at least talk to them for 10 min. and then I will like figure out if that's a person I should be hanging out with. Another example, well I know that my friend Alex like's chocolate, and I'll know all of my crushes. I recently liked this guy, and I said to him that we really have a lot in common. I tried to explain that to him but he just thought I was STALKING him.

One thing I don't understand is that over the summer I got this strange feeling that I shouldn't get close to my other friend Alex. And it's still going on.

I also get these massive headaches out of nowhere; on my bus and at home, school, and shopping. I get them for no reason. My mom has neck and backaches so that might why, and my grandma and aunt always get headaches easily. But I'm not really sure if it's a psychic symptom or just a headache.

I just get this feeling when I'm NOT around her, that i shouldn't be too close. Like tell her anything. I don't know why, or what will happen if I do get really close, but she's my BFF.I can just see that she can be too secretive and something about her just gives me a strange vibe of DANGER.

But the one thing I really get creeped out about is that, I feel like someone's following me in my apartment. When I'm In my room I get the feeling that someone is following me and in my mom's room the one that I'm at right now i feel like someone's watching me. Like in m y living room watching TV I feel like someone is watching me from the hall.

If anyone has any answers of what I am or if I'm really not psychic, please comment. I always felt different, and I like being different, I already am. I always felt like I was meant to do something great but it could just be in my mind, I’m only 12. I have my whole life ahead of me.

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Nov 07, 2010
Lucky guess
by: Jessie

Hi Lorena,
You are wondering if you?re a psychic. It does not sound like you are a psychic, but rather your talent is categorized as interpersonal intelligence. Which means that you have the capacity to understand and read other people, also known as being people smart. It's not weird; your mind has just developed quicker than your pears in this particular part of your brain. Your pears are still developing their abilities to sort through and use logic. The feelings your gut sends you are from the subtle signals that you are reading from other people's body language, and tone of voice. This is a natural ability that most highly successful law enforcement people also possess, the ones that have a natural knack for knowing if people are telling the truth. These people like you have a more developed intrapersonal intelligence than the average person. Never discredit what your gut tells you even when you cannot explain it to yourself. I hope this helped you in your search for answers. Good luck.

Jan 18, 2010
Reply to Hi From Anonymous
by: lorena (the writer)

i think i have spirits in my apartment too. one of my moms friends claims that she can see spirits but i didn't believe her,until now. she had said too me that she thought that i had a ghost in my closet that she could see it.the picture that i took of my room was at my end table right next to my closet.

i don't know if it has always been there i cant remember.but i do remember this one time in 3rd or 4th grade this girl told me a way to know if there is a ghost in your house.she said that i needed a beaded necklace and to resight some words 3 days later i did it and i didn't notice much.

i think the ghost has always been there since i moved and i know it has to be there i cant see it but i can feel it.

when i go to sleep i can feel something touching my legs and then i just get even more paranoid.

P.S when i was little my great-grandmother had died and i never knew how she looked is it possible that she could be haunting me to see me grow up.

Dec 08, 2009
by: Anonymous

I don't think you have psychic abilities, you could have high EMF (electromagnetic field) readings in your apartment which some are sensitive to that can cause paranoia...etc etc. I haven't met you so I could be wrong but that is my feeling...then again you may also have spirits in your apartment because when I looked at the picture of your room I got a headache which tends to happen when I am near spirits.

Nov 05, 2009
Don't Fear
by: hope

I'm not sure that your feelings truly qualify as psychic feelings, although you may find that as you get older those feelings start growing deeper in complication. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I know exactly how you feel and if you end up anything like me then all I can tell you is to have hope and not to let the things you 'feel' lead you to depression. Keep your head up and use your ability to influence the world around you for good.

God bless,-Hope

Sep 28, 2009
by: Anonymous

Just keep you mind clear child. These experiences will always keep you safe.

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Am I Psychic? Please Help.

by Zoie
(Florida, USA)

Okay, so my thing is: I have no idea if I am psychic. I meditate to relax and possibly enhance my abilities. I always knew that something about me was different maybe even special, but I don't know if I am imagining it. I don't think I am.

When I was about 10 (now I am 12) I lived in this apartment with just my parents and a room-mate. When I would either be in my room or on the couch watching TV, with my mother in the kitchen, I would hear a voice calling me. I would ask my mom if she called and she would say “no”, she hadn't in fact said anything at all.

Also, just recently, I had been sitting in my room and through a crack in my door I had seen a figure walk and stand in front of the crack. Mind you I now live with about 7 other people, my parents had left and the only other people in the house were gone except for my aunt who was downstairs as well as my grandfather and no doors had opened so my uncle was out of the question. After the figure moved, I saw its head and arm clearly, I looked through the crack in my door. With my luck my aunt came up the stairs, spotted me and I had to fake doing something else. After she went to her room I searched the hall and the bathroom, it was empty. The stairs were to my right and the figure went to my left, my parents door was locked and my other uncle was gone. Again, no doors had opened or closed and I heard no footsteps from the figure. The weirdest thing for me though was after it all was done and over I sat on my bed and had a feeling that this was going to happen more and more times in the near future.

Scared, I knocked on my other uncle’s door, the one that was home and he told me he had not been down the hall.

Something else happened a while ago too. I had gone to go check out a house with my family (grandparents, and actual parents, even my other uncle that wasn't home in the other story) and when we got there it was dark. All the doors were open and I felt fine. My day at school had been a little crazy so my head was filled with thoughts. After I had looked at the house my parents went to the master bedroom with everyone else and I stayed in the living room. In the living room there was this huge mirror like what you would see in a ballet studio, well I sat down and started to clear my mind and relax. Suddenly, I had an odd feeling. Like somebody was watching me, but as I said before I felt fine with the house until I sat down and really relaxed and cleared my mind. Nothing else really happened beside the fact we didn't buy the house but the feeling was just weird and after I got it, it never left.

The next day I told my father and he didn't believe me.

To add one more thing as well it is summer for me and whatnot so I was home with my mother, only. She was getting ready to go down the stairs to make breakfast and I was going to take a shower. Before I went she asked me what I wanted for breakfast. For some reason my mouth took over and quickly asked if we had any pancake mix, shocked with the fact that I had lost control over my mouth, as if it was an impulse to ask that, it took me a second to process the fact that she had told me that that was exactly what she was thinking.

I didn't mean to bore you with this but I really have no idea if I am psychic or not from what I gather I might be and I know a friend who is a natural born psychic but I'm not sure if I am. Please if you have any advice let me know it would help. I am only 12 so I still have so much ahead of me.

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Am I Psychic?

by Rose

I am a 16 year old girl and have some psychic abilities but can't exactly control when I can use them (this runs through my family my mother has most of these abilities). Here is a list of my abilities:

I can feel what others are feeling wither it's in person or if I'm on the phone with them of something so simple as texting them.

most of the time I know what someone is thinking about not exactly but I get the idea of what the are thinking about.

Usually I know when I am getting a text or getting called(usually without realizing it I check my phone right when I get a call or text.

I can feel spirits and sometimes see them.

Sometimes I have dreams which come true within a couple days of having that dream.

Sometimes I know when something is going to fall or what song is going to play on the radio next.

How can I become more in tune with these abilities?

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Scared I am Psychic

by Anonymous
(Fresno CA )

I remember an Indian lady who used to rub my arm and tell me I am special. I can see things and feel things others can't. I've had dreams that come true and visions as well while I am awake.

I can feel people's emotions and they stick to me. Sometimes I feel a presence when I'm alone.

I had a dream when I was young of the devil telling me it was time for me to go. In the dream I walked into a room where everyone I ever met was there I asked them to forgive me. Then I walked into another room where I could feel this big thumb all round me coming from the ground. Then I looked outside and I saw things falling from the sky. I focused and it was bodies falling from the sky. A couple of years later I saw my dream on the news - 911.

Another time I had a dream that two men where trying to take my godmother away. I woke up right away and begged my mother to call her. She had a heart attack and was taken in an ambulance.

I've had dreams of old friends and next day I run into the or hear from them. I even think I knew one of them was dying before it happen. I've had dreams of the house I live in before I even moved in.

I've been battling with powers that I have even though I don't want them. But I am fighting with something that tells me I have them and I need to use them. It scares me and traps me in my room.

I often dream of my son doing something or something was going to happen and it comes true.

I have dreams of lotto numbers and they have come out in the same order. No I don't play them. I can be working or doing anything and I see visions of my husband winning money on certain slot machines and I tell him and he wins.

I saw a lady in a salon and for some reason I saw gold coins above and below her and I just kept staring at her. She thought I wanted to fight but I told her what I saw and that I believed she was coming into money. I left and two weeks later at the salon the stylist said she did come into some big money. It was freaky it was a stranger and I saw it.

If I walk or sit next to someone I often feel if they are happy, sad or mad, and sometime the feelings stick to me.

When I feel someone is with me in a room sometimes they are good vibes and sometimes they are awful vibes.

Please help me, I'm Scared I am Psychic. What do I do, how do I control this? I even hear voices sometimes asking me to tell someone they are sorry or where to look or check on someone. It's hard because the voices don't stop until I tell the people what they want me to tell them.

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Apr 22, 2012
Dont be afraid
by: Alexis

Hello my name is Alexis and I founded a phycic group called the second hand. I am only thirteen and have made massive progress with my abilities. Not everyone is like me but if you are I suggest you don't use the fake phycic tests that pop up every where they are FAKE. Being phycic CAN be dangerous. Visions can happen at night or day time dont worry if you think you are a phycic though. If you believe you are a phicic leave a comment on this page dirrected to me and I will be happy to awnser any questions you may have. Like my training and questions about the second hand. The second hand club was founded by me and I am happy to help anyone not make the same mistake I did. If you wish to know this mistake leave a comment to me also. Thank you. And just because I'm probably youngster than you doesn't mean I have little or no experience and cant help you please contact me.

Sep 07, 2011
don't be scared
by: Anonymous

I've been having those experiences for some time and a very special friend told me to use it instead of being afraid of it. I grew up shutting myself in my room. My family never understood me because I didn't let them know all that i was experiencing but now I understand this ability and accept it. You have to live with it. There's some reason for you to have been given this gift, embrace it.

Mar 02, 2010
by: Brittany

Sounds like your abilities match those that I have!! Wow its amazing to read this and feel like someone knows exactly what I feel and experience!

Feb 15, 2010
dont be scared
by: Anonymous

I am not an expert nor am i psychic just wanted to comment that don't be afraid of it. You have a great gift that will help many many people. It must be a great responsibility also. I do wish you a lot of luck.

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