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An Abusive Husband

For some strange reason knew that this girl was me

For some strange reason knew that this girl was me

I am not sure if this is a past life experience, but it felt so real that it had me panicked and frightened me for four days.

Well, the place I believe was Ireland. It started off with me falling in love an amazing guy in college. We were pretty happy together and after college was over we got married. This guy was rich and had a beautiful home... a huge spacious home. Initially it was beautiful. The garden in our front porch had very pretty roses and tulips in it. I dreamed that I watered them every morning.

It was the best part of my day.

Everything was fine during the first two months. Things began to change after that. My husband began to strip me of clothes and belt me till I bled. He would even lock me up in the room. He would not let me step out of the house... not even to water the garden. He would hit me. He even raped me a number of times. There was a lot of helplessness. It was like as if I was standing there like an invisible person watching that girl wither away like the roses and tulips in the garden.

I for some strange reason knew that this girl was me... I tried to reach out to her but she couldn’t see me, she couldn’t hear me.

I tried to wipe her tears several times but I couldn’t...

I still feel miserable when I think of this dream...

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