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An Indigo Adult Starseed's ReUnification Project

by Raelyn Robertson
(Clearlake Oaks, CA)

My journey recently lead me on a path to discover my soul's purpose. Since I was a small child, I always had this sense that I was somehow VERY different from "normal" people.

First off, let me mention, that considering I've always been more attracted to women, it was deeper than just being the quiet, intellectual type. Personal gain was never a determining factor in my behavior. No matter how much the cost. I knew early on that this place was not my home.

I am the oldest of 6 siblings, and I spent most of my adolescence trying to "fit in" to society's idea of what a teenage girl should be. I was experiencing others' energy and completely unaware that these constant energies I was absorbing as my own. I felt homesick constantly. Now, coming from the background in which I did, we moved around so much that my "home" I knew of was my family. Wherever my sisters were, that's where home was.

Religion made me laugh, how people cannot see that we are all interconnected was beyond me. How people could blindly believe something that contradicted itself. "Only God can Judge" became "I see myself as god-like and superior to you, therefore MY god looks down on YOU." Has nobody told them that despite all the arguments on differences, they all got too focused on the messenger, rather than the message?

I have done countless hours of research and it baffles me how the dots are all present yet ego stands in the way of unity. It never even crossed my mind that creator was a discriminatory one, look at the variety of species whom we inhabit this Earth with. No one person or group of persons, or government has the authority to act like somehow they have a say in who gets what and for why.

As I recall, every being on this planet came here the same way, through no doing of their own. There is only one "race" of humans and that is, you guessed it, the HUMAN race.

It is of utter urgence that we establish One World Tribe. Of all races, nations, countries. We are all awakening at a rapid rate. The New World order agenda has got to stop. When did it become okay to dehumanize a person for not following along in their little hamster balls, chasing a dollar bill.

This is my first post so far, but I would love to share my journey of ascension and help as many people as possible to access their higher self. I study all aspects of the Metaphysical world, seeing as I see the world through my Mind's eye, rather than my ego's perspective.

I would love to hear any thoughts or comments or stories.

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