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Anastacia of the Mountains

Anastacia of the Mountains is a natural born clairvoyant who has advised thousands of souls along their true path and is always happy to welcome you into her charmed world of angels and kindred spirits. 

She not only believes in angels, but also believes that they are messengers sent to guide you and help make your chosen life path easier. Anastacia of the Mountains insists that they should first be invited to come into your every day life, and once connected, nothing is ever too small or even too great for them to assist you with.

“I believe that our Creator is also fully aware of how terribly difficult some of us have made our own lives here on Earth and can empathize instead of sympathize. Our creator experiences everything we experience and feels everything we feel and has given us a being of light within to love to assist us in all areas. But it is up to us to make the best use of that glorious gift.” - Anastacia

Anastacia of the Mountains

Psychic - Anastacia of the Mountains

As a psychic (clairvoyant) Anastasia does not need to use any tools like Tarot or Runes. She can rely solely on her angel/spirit guide to provide whatever knowledge is required. This unbreakable connection is centuries old and although not her only source of guidance he is always the first she turns to because he is always waiting at her side.

If you have a concern or curiosity including but not limited to love, relationships, business and employment ventures, your personal spiritual growth, and the past lives of yourself and others, you will always receive a detailed thorough reading that answers your questions.

If by chance your spirit guides happen to show up during your reading, Anastacia will always relay all the information they provide for you. Since this does not occur in every reading consider this to be a bonus when it does occur.

Anastacia has performed thousands of psychic readings for people of all different kinds and from countries all around the world; often reading for other psychics who were unable to tune into their own situations.

With a thorough understanding of the Law of Attraction, Anastacia knows the secret to casting charmed spells for you. Charmed spells to attract true love and heal broken hearts or charmed spells for helping cash flow and manifesting more money. So if you need empowering spells that work,