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Andy Psychic Time

by Marie

I have spoken to Andy over a period of five years. This undemanding, gentle and understanding man gives out information without prompting but more than that listens and guides in other aspects so that in the period of time I have spoken to him I have gained help in my career (I run my own business), my family when I needed support in bereavement, and my relationship when all my friends were probably fed up with me in my search for happiness.

His guidance goes further than just psychic abilities and initially you may doubt some of his comments or future advice, but it is a complete package that you get where the path is not to just get you through one part or experience in your life but to help you along the pathway so you do in fact end up in a much more balanced and happier situation and surrounded by ultimately good trusting instincts of your own which make you more confident and excited about the future, whatever you face.

Take a chance, he is not expensively priced and this is not a reflection on what he gives you - he will work to your times and is like an angel on this earth almost set apart in his work and yet like your best friend in one. I would go back anytime for a longer or shorter reading with this man who is a special person, gifted in what he does and yet modest and always a rock to be leant upon.

I am a much better person for having met and used Andy’s advice in the past and am sincere in my encouragement to others to try and see - you will not look back, work with him and the results will speak for themselves.

Visit his site at

Kind thoughts x

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