Answers from Heart and Mind

by Michelle Henneker
(Kent UK)

From an early age I have been able to hear people that have passed. This enables me to be able to help loved ones connect with family and friends that have departed. I love to give guidance on how to listen to your Angels and your guidance from spirit, and how to use your instincts well. They have never let me down!. The important thing is to listen and trust :)

I currently work for Sally Morgan, Psychic Living TV, and Moonbar/Justin Toper, as a certified reader.

I also read Tarot cards and Angel Cards. I mostly work with the Angels, and since I have accepted who I am, and have let them fully into my life, my heart is in a happier place. I still have every day issues the same as you, but I know that there are bigger and better things ahead for me.

I can also pick up the energy from peoples Auras, so I can tell if someone is being drained, occasionally, I can see a really bright aura!.

I can see photographs come alive, and am able to give people readings on family members this way.

If I am able to help someone else open their life and their heart to this gift, I am happy to do so!.

Remember, this life is the very beginning of a very beautiful journey..

Open your heart and your mind, and then listen for the answers!!

Live life to the fullest, and Love, every day. X

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