Aquatic Angel

by Gabriel

As a small child like most of us I went to school. One day of first grade class the teacher asked me in. “Gabriel what do you to be when you grow up?” My answer was “I want to be like superman and one day save the world”. All of my classmates had a crack at me although I did not find that amusing at all.

I always wondered where this idea to save to world came from. As I grew up I noticed strange things about me. At first I thought, that’s odd, but now I like it, this is rather cool. Things like when I meet people where they stand it’s like I could feel them like I knew if they were a good person in the inside. And time to time I could know what they were thinking and I could feel each of their emotions through me.

So it made me wonder who am, why I am I here, and why oh why do I feel so hurt inside when I hear about all the wars and bad things going on with humanity. It really broke my heart for the longest time I saw great evil and chaos all the time I just wanted so much to help but there was so little I understood back then.

I did some research on lots of stuff then I prayed to myself that from now on I wanted to see the good side of things and wanted to find out if there were people like me.

Lots of things change very quick I met a group of angels and apparently I was one of them. They told me about the indigo kids, and as I looked it up I was really well amazed. Putting the pieces together and making sense of it all I have now been on a new spiritual path. I’ve been exploring myself and have reached new levels of vibration. Now I know my goals and with good time will try to make this world a better place by raising the awareness and vibration of humanity. Help me my friends, we are all one so let’s work together as one. From your dear angel - THE AQUATIC ANGEL

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