Astrology Predictions

Why Look To Astrology Predictions - By Deborah McLoughlin

It is human nature to be curious. Most of us know the feeling of wanting to peer around the corner to have more of an inkling as to what is coming. To be prepared, to feel safe. These are perfectly normal human emotions. 

Astrology Predictions

We want to know that in whichever endeavour we are embarking upon that the timing is right and we have luck on our side. Astrology is like a compass to help you navigate life’s, at times, unpredictable waters. Your chart is the map. And what a map it is…

Astrology predictions are not just about your Sun Sign. There are a myriad of layers to this ancient craft. One of the ways you can peer into the upcoming astro weather is with the transits. Transiting planets create opportunities and particular themes in our lives. Some of these transits last for days and others for years. Yet more are subtle in nature and can glide by almost unnoticed, others much more dramatic and life changing. Have you ever woken up and thought- I just cannot do things the old way anymore? Have you had a light bulb moment that has, quite literally, changed your life? Have you shed jobs, possessions and people in the space of weeks or even months? Then you were probably going through the latter. 

Transiting planets, when combined with the natal chart, can tell you where there may be a tipping point, where your natural tendencies are either enhanced or exacerbated. Say for instance you’re a cranky pants by nature and are going through a Mars transit. You’ll be given a heads up to not explode at your sweetie or your overbearing boss. Or you’re a risk taker at heart and are going through a Jupiter transit? It will be noted to resist maxing out the credit card and be left with a headache tomorrow. Even the most sizzling and spectacular of transits have their dodgy days. They’re like people, the planets - we all misbehave sometimes! Of course they have our backs as well and create powerful momentum to get you safely to where you need to be. 

We can Progress the chart and look at the Moon Phases. This is something I find utterly fascinating and time and again have seen it to mirror the life cycles that people are going through. There are moon phases for accumulating people, ideas and support and ones for letting go, winding down and tying up loose ends. If you are in a release period and are trying to implement major new changes in your life you can feel frustrated and blocked. It isn’t like things won’t progress for you but they could be hindered. Similar to embarking on the journey of a lifetime without the right equipment or arriving in a place you don’t know at 4am.

Whilst I never tell clients not to do something because of astrology, I can give them a heads up as to what type of energy and people they may encounter along the way. We are all the master of our own destinies; we are the captains of our souls. But Predictive Astrology can tell you what to pack on board to make sure the journey is a smooth one, or to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. Knowledge is power. 

Self- knowledge is freedom. With it we emerge stronger, more resistant to life’s knocks and bumps and ready to take on a brand new day.  

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