Aura Cleansing Bath

by Jovanna
(Toronto Ontario)

I have been researching ways to get rid of the feeling that something is giving me a hard time in life. After having gone to a TAROT CARD reader and being upset at his remarks I decided to get rid of negativity myself with aura cleansing. I tried many rituals with incense and then I tried the bath. THE DAY after I noticed something that never happened before...3 people were reading my advertising outside...which never happened since I was living here.

The pedestrians were interested in reading my advertising.

After I had a heated argument with a boyfriend which turned into verbal abuse on his part, I went home thinking of how will I get rid of this "make me feel bad talk" from him?

I felt very sick inside and had a burning sensation that evening. I had already booked a time with a new person and went there feeling bad and hurt...

But after I got to know him and told him, we started talking and his kindness really helped me feel good about myself again. We stayed together ( NO SEX) and in the morning I noticed he had the same toaster that I just bought recently on a SATURDAY. He bought the same toaster at the same price on a SATURDAY within the last month too.

The church I go to on Tuesday’s happens to be on that corner where he lives too. I just feel the angels spared me this last cruel scene in my life. I will refuse to be present to such cruelty whether or not I believe in him. I really feel that I cannot be close to evil and cruel people, because it wastes me.

Jovanna from


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Feb 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have been a sponge most of my life until I learned what energy actually was. With all the confusion that the emotions I felt were my own, I can now understand why many go crazy...

After many years of researching and sourcing information, I come to the realization that off course we are all energy, and when we make choices to blend our energy with others, it can become quite chaotic.

I had to learn quick smart how to protect my energy, to learn discernment, to know when one is so wanting to suck the life force out of you and so on.

It took a lot of practice and discipline. To know the universal laws and apply them to my daily life is what was needed for me.

Visualization was definitely another tool. To visualize myself in a pyramid, which signifies for me the mind, body and spirit. To visualize that it is a two-way mirror and that any negativities will deflect back to the source so that it will be counteracted with pure white light. To know that when you have visualized yourself in this pyramid, that you too are surrounded by pure white light of the universe...check it out sometime!!!

Nov 04, 2008
Aura/protection against negativity
by: Ladyofwisdom/Desire'

Hi, thanks for your comment. It seems like you began to soak up everyone's energy (Don't worry, I'm guity of it also!) You have to psychically protect yourself which is easy. You can visualize mirrors around your entire body. Which will make anyone who has negative intentions. That energy will go back to them. You can also visualize yourself inside of a bubble but you have to make sure that you don't make yourself invisible to people. What works for me personally. Visualizing mirrors around my body, if I'm in a crowded room or train, or singing on a stage. If you're outside at night catching the bus or in the parking lot alone and you're scared. You can visualize yourself in a egg shell with no cracks or holes so you can make yourself invisible. Different techniques varies, depending on your situation!

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