Aura Reading

by Terry Lebel

I had a great reading experience with a clairvoyant and energy reader named MaryEllen O'Brien, from Scottsdale, Arizona. (I actually had the reading in Chicago, she now lives in Arizona.)

MaryEllen reads your energy and looks at what is going on in present time and next steps to achieve your goals. This is not predictive, but rather getting past other energies that cloud your own vision and seeing who you really are, and what your energy and life purpose is all about. It's a one hour reading that consists of an aura reading followed by your questions.

This is the most affirming experience I've had. She's a graduate of a school of clairvoyant training in Chicago called InVision and it's a very distinct kind of reading. She works with "gold energy" to do healing work as well.

I highly recommend her. The phone number I have is 480-580-3148.

I think you can also contact her through her MySpace page, which is

Have a blast. She also works on a donation basis, rather than a set fee, preferring to give and allow the recipient to determine what they can or would like to give in exchange for the reading. I believe she does phone readings and internet readings.

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