Auric Sight

by Thia

I was just sitting in class; I think I was in year 3. I was bored because I had already been taught what we were learning, twice. I had been staring at the white board and all of a sudden my eyes went out of focus and I started seeing this pulsing white light around the board. I was scared so I turned away to look at the head of the person in front of me. I was shocked to see that their 'pulsing light' was red and purple! I thought I was going crazy or that I was going blind and my vision was blurring. All through this lesson I put up with theses 'lights' and at the end of the lesson I was too scared to tell my teacher.

I tried to stay unfocused on certain things, like people, never quite looking at them, but the colours only got brighter. It wasn't until year six, when, in R.E we were looking at pictures of holy people and I noticed the yellow glows around their heads. I remembered the colours from year three and asked my teacher what they were. She said they were halos our more commonly auras. That night I looked 'auras' up on the internet and found sites like this one. I gradually learnt about what I was seeing and began to use it. Finding out what mood my friends were in and reacting according to his/her mood. I started to help them overcome their feelings.

I haven’t actually told anyone apart from this site. I just took it as it came, but now I realize I should have told someone way back then in year three. I suppose it is a 'gift' you can choose to share of keep a secret. I have now developed my auric sight and can now see most auras without trying. It is helpful especially with my pony. As I can tell what type of mood he's in and respond to that correctly. I can now develop an even closer relationship with him than normal.

On another experience, I was in the second row of seats in our van and wasn't even looking out the window and I shut my eyes and saw say, a blue Fiat Punto, (newest version), and when the next car came past it would be a Fiat Punto, (newest version). This happened a few times and I don't know what it means. Please help me understand what this is/means.

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Oct 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thats cool! It happened something like that, around year 5. I was staring at my best friend..since we have always wanted to develop friendship telepathy... When OMFG I look somewhere else and there is this translucent picture of her... I looked at the paper but it was still there was that translucent thing, except it glowed with strong lilac. Then I looked at the teacher... And this weird grassy-green light shot out of her hair. Then it was breaktime, and I never seen it ever since, till this one night I was researching on spiritual stuff and I saw this weird word 'AURIC SENSE'. curious I looked and then realised that only if there is white background, then I can. See it. So I began to develop it and now I can see if my friend is in danger whuch is weird. Cos if I close my eyes I always see a weird pic.. Which50percent usually gonna happen

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