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Australia Mineral Premonitions

by Kashmira

A Plane Went Down

A Plane Went Down

Recently, I have had some premonitions which have been correct. I went to a shop and I noted one of the assistants that I knew as an acquaintance, was absent. I got the feeling she had immigrated to Australia. Later on I discovered this was indeed the case.

I went into a shoe shop and the owner started talking to me about sport and there was something about her eyes, a tension, and I just knew that she was going to have to close down the shop because of lack of sales. Later on I was proved correct.

I was talking about the fact that mineral wealth spells trouble for a country, and then I remembered that Australia was trouble free, but mineral rich so it was an exception. During the night I woke up thinking intensely about Australia, and the feeling was, that not for long would Australia be trouble free. A month or so later a plane went down in central Africa with the board of an Australian mining company on board. They were all killed.

I moved to a suburb and I asked questions about what roads to travel on. I was told road A and B to travel up on but only B to go down on. I felt the need and conveyed this information to people I know well. They did not listen and suffered a terrible accident travelling down on road A.

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Oct 31, 2010
I get them too.
by: Ann

I have known for some years I a psychic I know when something unpleasant is going to happen in my daily life, but lately I have been getting visitors in the night I think they are female. This visitor tries to tell me things about the next few days which I then have to work out. I quite like having them I know they are not here to harm me; I do miss them when I know they aren?t coming.

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