by Dragonfly

I am an indigo person and I am 26 years old. When I first researched Indigo People, I cried all day because I felt for once in my life, that I was "home". I have always been "different" or "weird" because as a child I would say things that kids just don't say, philosophy professors say that stuff. Also, I saw angels until I was about 10, and would see other children getting hurt before it happened and react hysterically. People would say why are you crying, and I would say for instance, that little blond girl fell off the swing and got hurt. They would say, no, see? she's swinging, she's fine. No sooner would she fly off the swing and land on her face. What upset me was that I knew it would happen, and didn't know how to help her.

I am very sensitive and empathetic & I often see outlines on people. I used to think it was an optic problem, but there's nothing wrong with my eyes. In 2006 I had 2 jobs but overnight I was removed from work because I kept getting sick physically and emotionally. I couldn't hold food down, I couldn't stop crying,and I couldn't sleep and this went on for months. I was put on a regimen of drugs and I hated that.

Eventually, still with no diagnosis, I decided to use 'not working' as an opportunity to get centered. I volunteered,learned Reiki, began participating in earth day activities, came out as sexually indifferent to gender, and connected with people who I could share my unconventional insights with.

As people began to tell me, you have an old soul, and you know things you can't know, and Oh, I never looked at it that way, I realized I have a lot to offer. But I felt like somehow I am running out of time, not to live, but to do what I am supposed to do. (whatever that was)I also realized these medications/drugs were not for me. I stopped taking all pills, 4 for my stomach, 2 for my intestines, even an anti-psychotic which was the only thing that worked up until that point for sleep.

Seems like as soon as I stopped, I could sleep and eat and I became peaceful. I realized that I am supposed to be here because I have to much to explore and teach and I am not meant for this drug "treatment', that I can begin healing within myself and inspire others to do the same in their own way.

I can't explain how I knew I'd be fine, I just knew. I am not suggesting that people stop taking all of their medications, but it was right for me and I knew when to do it. I believe the mental & physical changes in conjunction with the centering, Reiki, and connecting with the earth, were all part of my adult awakening. This is my first correspondence with any other indigo people.

I am so excited to know that there are others like me.

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Mar 24, 2008
Congrats on your courage!
by: Tito

Hi there,

Well, like I said on the title I've gotta congratulate you on your courage and strength.

I'm 37 yrs. old and when I was about your age I was diagnosed with deep depression and extreme anxiety. I was prescribed with antidepressives and sedatives and became dependent on them for a long time.

It's only been since last Dec. that I stopped taking antidepressives but I'm afraid I haven't been able to get off the sedatives. I know I should stop but whenever I've tried it, I've just felt extremely anxious and on the brink of panic attacks. I've tried Reiki a few times and, while helpful, it hasn't really helped me as much as I'd like. Same goes for meditation.

So, if you could suggest other choices that could help me get rid of prescription drugs, any ideas whatsoever (like how you came in touch with the Earth and began to realize that drugs weren't the answer) I'd be very grateful.

Thanks for sharing your story. I relate so much to most of it and I find it truly inspiring!


Mar 23, 2008
Drugs aren't always the answer
by: Bethoc

Thank You for sharing your experiences with us. I have written Indigo is a Phoenix Movement on this site under Indigo People United and like you have felt powerfully moved by the discovery of my Indigo nature. I also have made the decision to take myself off my prescription anti-depressant because I no longer felt it was a solution to my spiritual needs. It seemed to be like merely putting a bandaid on a broken/aching heart. I have decided to grow out of my painful life experiences and I have recently found a book called Spiritual Emergency; When Personal Transformation becomes a Crisis, written by a host of caring psychologists who embrace the idea of spiritual emergence rather than insist on suppressing it through a concoction of drugs. I am very excited as you are to be exploring my deep spiritual nature and I wish you all the best! There are many other sites you can pull strength from so feel free to keep contributing. I have found forums on the net like these to be very Liberating! Namaste

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