Backwards Deja Vu

by Tasha S

You know déjà-vu? How you are doing something and you get an overwhelming feeling that you've done it before but you haven't? Well, I get very brief thoughts about very random things. My most recent occurrence is that I was just screwing around on the computer when I totally think of "rubber, plant, don't let her touch it". And I'm like, okay weird. Well about a week later, I start reading "My Sister's Keeper." And when I read over: "...while wearing rubber gloves. No plants or flowers are permitted...etc"(pg.105 bottom). While I read over that I was like, "Oh my god, I've read that before!". Deja Vu, but I thought of it before it happened. This occurrence has happened a number of different times but with different totally unimportant things.

I asked my mom:

Me: "Mom, you know Deja Vu? Well I get it backwards. Like, I have a thought of it. Then it happens and I feel the Deja Vu."

My Mom: "Honey, that's called being psychic."
And yeah. So now, I'm wondering, am I psychic? I don't know what to believe.

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Sep 25, 2015
Reverse deja vu?
by: Anonymous

Ok I'm a 14 year old female and I have had 2 trippy experiences with reverse Deja vu.I was playing a video game with some online friends and one of them says a sentence , but I already knew what she was gunna say before she said it and it was like I had already seen what was happening in the video game at that moment with out really remembering to remember that happening, it's really hard to explain but I already knew what she was going to to before she said it.

The second time I was watching a video on YouTube( I had just discovered this you tuber so there's no way I had already seen this video) during a specific part in the video he was doing something and I had already seen him do it before but it was like a past memory but I only just remembered it, he then said watch out for the spikes(he was playing a video game)and I had said watch out for the spikes before he said it.

I couldn't have mixed it up with another similar memory, it was so clear and I new exact what he was going to say and do.I haven't gotten any other reverse deja vu experiences since then but I'm just wondering if anyone else gets them ever one in a while.....

Jul 01, 2015
Ecperience it Then live it.
by: Bryan

I see something like in a dream but usually a little bit clearer. It leaves a mental "tag" behind of a "sense" that this'll happen sometime; which ends up being months or years later. When it happens the "tag" activates, I look around and sure enough; the "vision" returns and it matches the present. I've always called this De ja vu in reverse but have never met anyone that knew what I was talking about............. do you?????

Apr 24, 2014
That is exactly what it is! Backwards dejivu !
by: Anonymous im

Okay going out with friends. My best friend among them. I reach for my coat hanging in the closet. Thought goes through my head"Lucy's Dead" I think wow at did I think that?!! We leave go to the party. 3 months later, Lucy dies.

I go to the funeral and start to try to regain a normal life etc then one night another good friend is out side honking her horn to go to a movie and I reach for my coat in the closet and Bamb! The exact same moment!

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