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Being A Leo

by Aimee Behan
(Ìreland, Co. Dublin)

Positive Things About Being A Leo:

1. They are the leaders of the Zodiac.
2. They make excellent leaders
3. They are very wise in serious situations.
4. They know when somebody doesn't like you.
5. They are creative
7. They are talented
8. They love showing off there properties
9. They are very lustful.
10. They are kind

Negative Things About Being A Leo.

1. They are greedy
2. They can be arrogant
3. They often moan over stupid situations
4. They cannot save money for the world!! They always end up spending it on someone or buying smokes or alcohol with it.

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They love being the victim
by: Anonymous

Leos are self serving manipulative people... They will always play the victim. They are also lazy in bed. If you talk about them then you will get along great with them. Don't believe the save the starving children in Africa speech either.... They are pageant queens, everything is about show. They don't actually want to get dirty, just get the attention for it. Oh and what's with all the Leos and feminism? Every fun fem I know is a lei, If you're about equality then maybe support humanism.

Not all leo's spend their money on smokes and alcohol.
by: Roberta

Some Leos wish they could afford to supply water for all the African people out there who are in need of fresh drinking water.. Yes They end up spending it on someone ..but I don't consider that a negative trait..Leos are not greedy... Leos will give you the shirt of their back If they see in your eyes you really need it.The negative trait most Leos carry ... Is they are too kind hearted...They need to be their own best friend first .,.. And Not take everything so deeply in their hearts..As far as moaning over stupid situations... Who's to say the situations are stupid to them... To each his or her own...And I'm a Leo ...And I AM A very poor judgment of character... I see the best in everyone including my enemies... Im good to my enemies for years thinking they love me ...PROUD TO BE A LEO ... LEOS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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