Being a Psychic

by Maria

Okay being a psychic is an amazing thing. I love the fact that I have this gift I enjoy helping people. That’s just my nature I am even going to school for nursing. However one of the things I have had to work on is not getting involved to the point where I feel sick. I enjoy helping the people that call me. However it’s important for me to protect myself from their energy once I tap into it. I don't ever know what I am going to get, that being said I am working on this and it’s helping.

I also want to let everyone know that you can check out my Website at My readings are always a flat rate of $20 for 35 min. I can give you the answers you seek on any topic such as love, family, career, or anything else. No topic is taboo for me you will be amazed at the information I can gave you.

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