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Being Indigo Sensitive

by Samantha Espinoza
(Lubbock Texas)

My sister (left)Myself(right)

My sister (left)Myself(right)

I don't want to sound so clique but quite honestly when I was a young girl I always knew I was different but not so different from my family. I have 4 older brothers and 2 sisters and a half sister. Some of them have the same ability's as myself.

My dad used to always tell us stories of great power that him and his brothers and sisters had that they would never use because they thought it would bring about evil spirits.

You see I am Native American so I'm assuming you would understand about the whole evil spirit thing. If it's not natural then it has to be unnatural right? Well I was also brought up thinking this same thing but I went against it and started to concentrate and hone in on my abilities. It was around the age of 8 when I realized I was able to read people and their emotions without even speaking to them. No I don't read their minds or anything but I just know things about them that I shouldn't know. I would hear a constant whispering in my ear at night that I couldn't quite make out and I was able to see things others couldn't ie: shadow people, spirits, nature spirits, and I could communicate with animals in ways others couldn't as well.

Before long I was starting to think that I had a very active imagination like my mom used to tell me. But that wasn't the case at all, my abilities grew and grew and I started to think to myself why is this happening to me, why are the rest of my family not worried about this stuff. Am I here for a purpose in life that is not yet known to me. I had a very sickly childhood and adult hood as well. I have never been married, and I have no kids. I was diagnosed with lupus and other things that have stopped me from doing what I've wanted to do in my life but yet I have no problem with it because I know it's happening for a reason.

What reason ??

I have no idea YET. I would constantly burn out light bulbs and weird things in general would happen when I was around but all those years I kept my mouth shut. It was only around the age of 15 when I finally opened up to my kid sister who is 8 years younger than me. I started to see signs of her special abilities as well and let her know that she wasn't crazy and she must hone in on them and expand them as I have been doing.

We both grew up together as very close sisters who could tell each other anything and know that the other is not crazy and is speaking absolute truths. We would compare notes and she grew up very fast mentally. Even yet today we are still trying to figure out what we are exactly and knew that the definition of being an Indigo person is what we must be.

I am currently a case manager for a paranormal group based in west Texas and have used my abilities on the job to help gather information for the use of paranormal sciences. I know for a fact that we can't be the only ones out there in this great big world who have this special knowledge, but I'm just wondering who else is an Indigo but can't use what they know because they feel they will be ridiculed or called evil or who will be called a flat out liar?

I know what I am and what I can do and my sister thinks the same way and we need to spread the word about the rest of us. I am now 35 years old and I think it's about time we find out why we are here.

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Aug 23, 2011
Whats my purpose!??
by: Jamie-lee

I've always known that I was different, but throughout my life I often felt like there was something wrong with my behaviour & that I had to fix myself. People often say things like "you can handle it" or "you're strong, you'll get over it". I've been strong for as long as I can remember. I caved in on my "pillar of strength" this year. I kind of broke inside and realised that I need a lot of support from people. Family R concerned coz the meltdown led me 2 depression,but they dnt understand that I need something they can't or won't give back to me. In fact, their "concern" for me just feels insulting. I wish people could understand what it means. (I'm also psychic so that magnifies everything like a thousand times over)

I wish I could find a way 2 explain myself, bt that idea alone scares me because I've faced so much rebuke for being myself the past 20yrs, can't bring up courage 2 tell people "hey this is me, I am this way". The hardest is not being able 2 tell ur parents & They who u look 2 for support, yet they're the least willing 2 accept what I have to say,Influences everyone else's image of me, Makes it nearly impossible 2 be myself around my family. I'm exhausted fighting my way 2freedom. It hurts enough being so AWARE & hurts more when u have 2 fight for acceptance. I'm overwhelmed by others & try 2 train myself 2 pay little attention to people's negative behaviour & attitude. I get emotionally drained like I can't have relationship b/c I can't handle it. I dream things, I know the mind & people, Just observing & feeling-Over thinking until I'm lost. Go through thinking & experiencing outer body sensation stages. Like I'm building a chain 2 reach the core. I want people 2 open their minds & change. Its mind-blowing talking about the world, people,systems & how it should be & how people can build. My inner-being travels to space amongst starts looking at earth & its a amazing feeling. Then Its back to real world I need 2 do what I'm born for but no idea exactly.

I know I HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to help the world. Can't stand the pain & suffering people inflict on others,to end it & guide confusion for peace & understanding. I've many things & I'm called to do, but Y ME? I want to be normal so I don't have 2 face, experience & deny who I am bt can't show. To end it so badly, I'll be better off. The world SHOULD know about US!! Understand indigo types & ACCEPT!! I sometimes climb in people minds 2 know their thoughts & y thinking in a certain order. My occasional kick is creating a belief of something/anything I want. I'm able making someone believe they insane or even on the verge if they insult & challenge me. I hate myself for this!! I'm tired!

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