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Building a House: The Perspective from the Foundation

by Maceo M NeSmith III
(Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

I’m The Warrior Spirit Who Published A Book That Rips The Boxes Of Society Wide Open

I’m The Warrior Spirit Who Published A Book That Rips The Boxes Of Society Wide Open

I'm so glad my mom sent me the link to this site. In the later part of 2011, I started going through spiritual changes from then to the present time. In the month of January 2012, I literally woke up and everything in life made sense. It's as if someone pressed the download button and I was full of thoughts. So I decided to type them out on my laptop. Nine months later, I have a 226 page with 6x9 trim, book that is full of answers to the many problems that "Society" complicates. I rip the "Boxes" of "Society" wide open in very simple terms. I start the book on relationships because that seems to be a big problem in society. By the end of the book the reader will notice that I have a lot of the answers that has stumped people for centuries. This is not the ego speaking, it’s the truth. Take the word Mature for instance. "Society (Dictionaries)" says Maturity is defined as being fully developed.

There are three (Four if you break down the mental aspect) aspects to human beings: the mental aspect (intellect & emotions), the physical aspect, and the spiritual aspect. Our emotional state changes like the weather; so technically we can “Re-develop” emotions at any time. As far as intellect goes, we are constantly learning so our intellect is constantly evolving whether we are learning the lessons of life or learning a particular topic/subject.

Being fully developed physically is dependent on the individual.

Height wise a person can reach a certain age and realize that he or she has stopped growing vertically. However, if a person decides to increase muscle strength or size and does, then that person is not fully developed physically are they? If a person loses weight or gains weight, he or she is not fully developed are they?

Due to the technical nature of the physical aspect, people are either 0/3 or 1/3 developed (3 aspects of physical development-Height, Muscle, & Weight). On the spiritual aspect, if we were fully developed spiritually then we would not be in the physical form.

Death of the physical form is the only way to be mature (Fully developed). All that is left is the spirit; the physical form (body) and the mental form (intellect & emotions) are left behind. Therefore, the spirit is mature (fully developed); the spirit is 1/1 because the spirit is all there is.

I question a lot through the book with sarcasm and humor and give the answers. I rip through the PH.D's specific fields of study throughout the book.
I've read on indigos and I see a lot of books that talk about us and our characteristics but none that rip the systems of "Society" apart like my book does. So I'm hoping that Indigos/others will read my book. Since I literally am doing what we are created for; tearing systems apart to show what they really are, waking people up and getting them back on track.

The book is on Amazon titled, "Building a House: The Perspective from the Foundation".

There is an ebook on kindle for $3.06 (Angels picked the number, not me lol) & the paperback is $9.99.

My second book that I'm writing right now is titled, "Life is outside the Box". I will rip open all the boxes that "Society" has created including: God, religion, so-called justice system, education (any indigo knows that the education system is screwed up), sexual orientation, etc.

By the way I'm only 25 years old and my name is Maceo. (pronounced May-see-oh) The name means Gift of God; imagine that. lol.

I hope I hear from other like-spirited individuals. :)

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