Closing your third eye at will: Is it possible?

by Marina

Closing your third eye at will

Closing your third eye at will

When it comes to third eye info, I’ve noticed that most psychics and metaphysical groups mostly talk about third eye opening. As a matter of fact, if you enter on Google the keywords “third eye” or “third eye techniques” 90% of the results would be on how to open it and there is actually little to none specific info on how to close your third eye.

Closing your third eye may sound a bit paradoxical--especially if it took you some time to reach the stage of opening it. However, from my experience having an open third eye 24/7 is both impractical and can sometimes prove to be negative - you “see” negative energy and spiritual entities that may attach to your aura or that of others like leeches and you experience all sorts of confusion, nightmares, and flashes of people and you wish that they leave you alone. Add all these nasties to practical situations where you must use your mind and attention and things can get out of control.

The question is: Can we really close our third eye at will? The answer is YES. However, you’ll have to do it properly otherwise it will simply be ineffective. I have personally tested the following techniques and I’ve found that they do temporarily close you third eye so give them a try:

No 1: The cord cutting method. This technique is based on the simple principle that we have various energetic cords linked to people, places, or spirits that we exchange both positive and good energy with. In this case, the cord that you will have to cut is the one connected with your third eye chakra and the divine source. Visualize a thick cord starting from your third eye chakra to the divine source and instead of cutting it abruptly with a knife or scissors, dissolve it gently until it gradually disappears and you no longer feel or see it. You’ll have to do this yourself. Don’t invite any spirits to help as this will simple reinforce the energy of the third eye and make the whole method useless.

No 2: The root chakra visualization. Our root chakra is the chakra that connects us with survival issues and mother earth. Empowering this chakra won’t totally close the third eye but will mitigate its action and side effects so we become more grounded and practical as opposed to intuitive with our head in the clouds. Here is how to do it: sit in a conventional yoga/lotus position and take a few moments to focus on your root chakra - the area below your waist where your legs start. This chakra emits red energy. Visualize it’s red light eventually getting brighter and brighter. Feel like roots are growing out of your feet connecting you with mother earth and feel as if you are already grounded and down to earth. Perform this visualization for a few minutes or until you feel fully grounded.

Both techniques take a bit of practice but once you do them once or twice, you will get results easier without draining your energy much. Results are also temporary and there is no guarantee that your psychic third eye will not open up again but these will switch things off for days or more so that you feel more grounded and balanced.

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Aug 26, 2017
Good Aspect on 3rd Eye
by: Peter

Thanks for this viewpoint. I agree most info is about opening the mystic eye. It is of great value to know how to close up too!

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