Coaching Clairvoyance

Coaching Clairvoyance is my down to earth training in the development of your intuitive senses.

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The dictionary has two meanings for the word Clairvoyance.

The first meaning is the supernatural power of seeing objects or actions removed in space or time from natural viewing.

The second meaning is the quick and intuitive knowledge of things and people.

With Coaching the dictionary suggests the meaning refers to a person who trains an athlete or a team of athletes as in a football coach.

My sixth sense coaching is best summed up as the training of a person, or group of people, in the ability to gain quick and intuitive knowledge of things and people. While it may be considered by the unenlightened as a supernatural power, it really is a ‘normal and natural’ power available to each and every one of us.

Quoting Alexa Meade on Art: "You can find the strange in the familiar, as long as you are willing to look beyond what’s already been brought to light. That you can see what is below the surface, hiding in the shadows. Recognize there can be more there than meets the eye."

You can live life enriched by reliable and consistent intuitive guidance because there’s unlimited Extra Sensory Potential lying within reach and every one of us.

Coaching Clairvoyance

I also recommend the Silva Intuition System for developing clairvoyance because it is the best and most complete package available. It is very similar to the initial training I underwent, prior to becoming a professional psychic, back in the 1980s. I see no reason to write my own version when it has already been produced at this very affordable yet very high level. 

Coaching Clairvoyance

Success Secret for Selecting a Coach

  1. Most often, those who can – do.
  2. Too often, those who can’t – coach.

Q: Who do YOU listen to?

A: Someone who has been where you are and has made it to where you want to be! 

When I meet a coach, I love to ask this question, “So what personal success brought you to this point of coaching others?”  Believe me it sorts the [those who can] from the [those who can’t].

Psychic Ian Parkin

And, I had better answer that question myself now.

“So Ian, what personal success brought you to this point of coaching others in the development of their intuitive senses?”

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