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Color Meaning and Mystical Symbolism

Color Meaning in psychic development. The human eye can detect a staggering range of nearly 7,000,000 colors. The number of shades extant on the astral plane and seen by our mind's eye is arguably even greater. 

The idea that auras, thoughts and ideas all possess a visible form and thus color brings us to the logical conclusion that color must have some symbolism behind it. Over the long history of spiritual and religious practice, various shades have been given all sorts of different meanings but some ideas and interpretations have remained consistent throughout, keeping their correspondences from ancient Egyptian rituals to modern-day Wiccan candle magic.

Seven colors are associated to the basic human chakra system being  1) Red/Root - 2) Orange/Sacral - 3) Yellow/Solar Plexus - 4) Green/Heart - 5) Blue/Throat - 6) Purple/Eye - 7) Violet/Crown  

The Color Meanings

Color Meaning and Mystical Symbolism

White has the color meaning of purity and truth, emotional and sexual chastity, of honest, well intended thoughts and high moral standards. It purifies and cleanses everything around it, exerting a positive influence throughout.

Yellow denotes intellect and an aura emanating it is a sure sign of a highly cerebral, logical person. Belonging to the element of Air, it brings clarity of word and thought but also protection from negative influences.

Orange is of a similar ilk, symbolizing eloquence, attraction, ambition, legal matters and overall success. Communication is its main characteristic. It promotes adaptability and mental agility while gravitating towards justice at all times.

Red is the elemental color of Fire, passion and lust. With vigor and courage, it emanates an assertive masculine energy and prompts everyone to action. It can also stand for enemies, danger, and open conflict.

Pink on the other hand symbolizes friendship, sweet romance, feelings of intimacy and tenderness. It brings us compassion and love for our fellow man - it exudes femininity and its caring, nurturing nature.

Purple has been considered a royal color since the time of ancient Egyptians. Lofty idealism and ancestral wisdom are its strongest points. It often amplifies other energies, helping you open your third eye, connect to your higher self and communicate with ascended beings. It also denotes ambition and power.

Blue is always inadvertently linked to the element of Water. It can help with dream work, health magic and healing, developing intuition, and establishing peace and tranquility. It is also the color of honor.

Green as the element of Earth brings fertility, growth and rejuvenation. It is linked to herbal healing and plant magic in general but also to luck and success, especially when it comes to acquiring financial gain and achieving abundance.

Brown is another earthy color, grounding and stable, often related to family and friends but also protection of familiars and pets. It aids with concentration and determination to get things done.

Black is possibly the only one to have a distinctly negative vibe to it. It is a color of night, dark magic, negation, destruction, it absorbs and often annihilates everything that comes its way. Being a symbol of destruction and banishing, it also helps get rid of nasty habits and evil influences. Blackness is the result of an absence of light and colors.

Gold is the color of daytime, the Sun and the deeply masculine Great God. Its cosmic influences attract happiness and make it another winning hue that carries potential financial gain.

Silver on the other hand symbolizes nighttime, the Moon and the feminine energy of the Great Goddess. It inspires reflection, intuition, awakens the unconscious mind and opens channels to clairvoyance and telepathy.

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