Connection Between Numerology, Indigos, Crystals, etc?

by Amy
(New Hampshire)

I recently saw a poll on another site in reference to "what's your life number". This site is an indigo message board. I found the question intriguing. I have always had a belief in numerology and think that perhaps this would make a good study. It could potentially show more patterns that would be beneficial to identifying whether or not you are an indigo. I have a life number of 33 which is a master number. Does anyone out there feel there is a connection? I value your opinions. Thank you for sharing.

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Mar 22, 2009
Numerology, Jung Personality and Indigo?
by: Kaylor


My life path is a 7, which is suppose to be the most Spiritual. I've always known that my life path would lead me to something Spiritual. I've always felt like, IF I knew how, I could heal people. When ever I'm around sick people, I get sick. Or if they are in pain, they end up better, and I end up in pain. :(

My Jung Personality is INFJ, one of the two top for an Indigo. I'm also a Scorpio.

All of this points me towards a life of writing, counseling and alternative medicine.

Now all I have to do is figure out a way to turn that into a way to make a living.

My mother was very controling, and made my childhood miserable. Nothing I ever did was good enough for her. I've never felt like I have any gifts or talents. I've never had any self confidence or self esteem.

I feel like my life was defeated almost as soon as it started.


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