Contact Through Lucid Dreams

by Nicki
(United States)

My Weird Dreams

My Weird Dreams

I have had many weird dreams but the only one I really want to talk about, probably none of you will believe. When I was about 14 and I remember a lucid dream where I was sitting in a car with 3 people (I was driving for some unknown reason). Kayln was my best friend, Kinzie was a girl I was friends with but was not very close to, and in the back sitting next to Kayln was a man that no one else in the car could see but me. He told me his name was Stephen and that he was already dead. He told me that he died from an overdose of medications and he wanted me to deliver a message to his family. He told me to tell Kinzie that he loved his family and that he was sorry for what he had done.

The next day on my way to school I was on the bus and I asked Kayln if Kinzie had someone close to her that had passed away here recently. She told me yes her uncle had recently died. I got to school and asked Kinzie about him...

She told me his name was Stephen and that he killed himself from an overdose. I told her about my dream and she instantly started crying. I had never met this man, never even heard of him. Later I saw a picture of the man in my dream on one of Kinzie's binders for school and I asked her if that was Stephen and she said yes. I honestly believe that Stephen was contacting me through my dream.

Then last night, I had another dream about a man. I knew he was dead already, he told me. He didn’t tell me his name; he didn’t really tell me anything about him. I remember was that he was approximately 22 and he was very attractive. I also remember that he was trying to teach me a life lesson. I cannot remember this life lesson and it is eating me alive right now. I hate not knowing what my dreams mean.

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