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Coworker Dream Affair

by Kerra

The last 2 nights I have been having a dream where me and a co-worker (he holds a higher position) have been trying to have an affair. I say trying because every time we come close to sleeping together it gets interrupted. We are trying to keep it a secret. It’s been really fun and exciting sneaking around in the dream, but in one of the dreams my co-worker’s father in law walks in on us taking our clothes off and kissing. He doesn’t yell but you can see he is very disturbed and disappointed.

In the other dream we are in a house full of people. We sneak off to one bedroom and we kiss for the first time, then we start to undress each other. Once we are close, I stop him and say I can’t, but the flirting continues.

What’s weird about this particular co-worker is, yes he is very attractive, but he can be really hot tempered. He belittles others below him and is pretty much a "one way conversation" kind of person. Not attractive.

We both are married so that’s why I find it odd. Any help?

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