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Co-Worker Sex Dream

by XXX

Sex, a dark figure, very dark and I couldn’t see well, almost like I didn’t have contacts in.

In my dream it was very dark and it was like my eyes were half open I just couldn’t differentiate between objects or people. I was at a party and had sex with a co-worker three times. I don’t know her very well, but the first time I did we were in a dark hallway and she said come get more later. The next time was on a huge 30 foot long bed in a very dark large room.

This one was strange after we were done she left the room and a shady figure walked into the room and placed something on my pillow. I picked the object up which turned out to be a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal. Then we went down a long hallway into a small room we were on a bed and had sex for hours. When we were done she left the room half naked and shut the door.

Then once again a shady figure came into the room and placed something on my pillow it turned out to be my manager at work. She then left the room and I picked up the object and it was a Minnie Mouse stuffed animal.

Then I turned as the door opened and it was my co-worker walking out of the bathroom wrapping a blanket around her half naked body.

I saw two cherries on her underwear and then I woke up.

Can you interpret this dream?

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