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by John

Astrology is an evolving field. Partly is evolving because of the individual who undertakes the study of astrology offers his or her own insight to the field. The astrological chart can bring clarity and elucidate the themes we came to explore as a physical human on this planet. The astrology chart is like a mandala, when one first sees the chart, the process of understanding its meaning is a mixture of input from others, self-reflection, reflection on the symbolism and meaning of planets, aspects, and chart patterns. has created a new tool to create aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand charts that are accessible to beginners in astrology. Each individual chart is like a fingerprint and can be incredibly complex. This is why it is especially important to have the components broken down. Each planetary position, aspect and aspect pattern (ie Grand Trine, Grand Cross, T-Square, etc).

The birth chart or natal chart gives a description about the individual character of the person. But in particular it elucidates the themes the person has already chosen to experience for its own growth and personal evolution.

There are two different types of relationship astrology charts: a composite chart and a synastry chart. With the same tools as with the birth chart, these two charts can give understanding about the dynamics in a relationship.

You can create these charts at

Enter your location, date and time of birth. The time of birth is optional.


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