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Deceased Lover Dream

by Jenny
(Rockford, Illinois USA)

I was in love and dating a wonderful man. He was diagnosed with cancer and died a year later. We buried him on my birthday. He loved me with an unconditional love that I had never seen or felt before. (This was 12 yrs ago)

I am now married but still often think of the love "Dale" and I shared.

A couple of nights ago, he came to me in my dreams. He was standing in a house. I ran to him we kissed and hugged for what seemed forever. I didn't want to let him go. For some reason, I had to leave and when I woke up it was to my child sick and coughing not able to catch her breath.

I cannot stop thinking about this dream and how real it felt. I feel like he was there and we were together...I can still feel his hair, his hugs and kisses. One person told me I would die soon. I feel he was telling me he was still around me, taking care of me and loving me. I have felt his presence before but never had an experience in a dream like this before.

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Jul 02, 2013
by: Ms. Starr

Spirits come in visitations often throughout our lives. Some choose to show themselves in our dreams. It is easier for them there. Our minds are not full of distractions there. I have seen them many times. In fact the first time I saw my father after he had passed, we were on a stone path on the woods with animals on either side of us.

He told me we were in animal heaven and there was nothing to fear. He was there to tell me he was happy and he would be waiting for me, and that he would visit again. And he has visited me in different forms since.

When you see them doesn't mean your death will follow. Though I had my Grandmother visit about a month before my father passed. I woke to her sitting on the bed holding my hand. She smiled at me and slipped away. So it that was a sign for my impending coming death I would have been dead many times.

He may have just wanting you to know that love transcends death, and he loves you and waits for you there.

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