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Psychic Diamond

Psychic Diamond

Psychic phenomena happen for me all the time. I work as a professional psychic, so I am doing readings most of the day. I also do healings, etc. So naturally, I practice my psychic ability, have been thoroughly educated in this art and I am also a natural clairvoyant.

I deal with the "strange but true" on a daily basis, since I am telling people their futures and they are coming to pass.

I'd say one of the strangest was when many psychic readings all ran together in one day. all the people who were calling had the same issue. I was telling them what was going on- and as I did so, I was thinking to myself "wait wait- I just was saying that- how can it be so" but it was so. And then the next caller. Same thing. This went on. And it was a very powerful energy. All day! And to top it all off, I went to my office to see a client and this client had been dealing with a serious matter which had directly to do with the subject matter of the callers. What a strong energy. I was saying many blessing prayers that day. Meditating a lot too!!

I think I have a stranger one too but I thought of that one!! hahahahha

Another story which is nice is that many people ask me "who will they marry?" and I tell them. That is, if they will marry and if I know- frequently i can see. In my own case, I told all my friends who I, myself was going to marry a good 8 or so years ago. I gave a full description plus, his country of origin and his profession. all were correct. I even threw in type of car. Geez Diamond, leave a little surprise!! LOL

Psychic ability seems to be not conventionally accepted in our society. Some societies and cultures more understand and embrace this ability- they teach it as well-- but in the more mainstream ones, no because of the legal implications. Any Tom Dick or Harry can be a "psychic" you just have to prove you can see the future and hope your word of mouth spreads. Or get a second job if you can't.

Most psychics out there are "intuitive" but we want psychics...real powerful ones, right? hehehe


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