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"Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?"

Translated into mass culture, the butterfly effect has become a metaphor for the existence of seemingly insignificant moments that alter history and shape destinies. Typically unrecognized at first, they create threads of cause and effect that appear obvious in retrospect, changing the course of a human life or rippling through the global economy.

I am blessed with being an “indigo adult” have 3 wonderful “indigo children”. Reading the posts today I am overjoyed to learn there are so many more of “us” out there.

Like most of you, my childhood was tumultuous, feeling like I didn’t belong, seeing things and “knowing” feeling peoples pain mentally/physically – hearing “messages,” I felt an outsider within my family and peers and their disapproval was a constant…and I tried to “conform” and did successfully for 20 odd years… in the last 6 years as I shed my corporate skin – begrudgingly - I knew I could no longer belong…. And I fought it!!! 2 years ago… by not being true to myself I had a bit of a “meltdown” – so here I am 

I found myself at cross roads.. living, being, corporate – yet finding it difficult to walk into a room full of people – which as being a “facilitator/organiser/mentor” proved challenging… and later feeling exhausted and overwhelmed… it proved challenging and by the time it came to me being unable to go to shopping centers/grocery shopping/in crowds - as I was receiving “please help me” from people who surrounded me, I knew I had to either embrace my abilities or be institutionalized. I asked “help” from the universe which it provided – and over the past 2 years challenged me, to make sure I knew where “it” wanted me to be was where I needed/chose to be. I have had and now upon reflection realized I had quite a few of “fair-weather” friends and some who I thought would never understand become closer??? And others who are truly evolved cross my path and now are a part of my life. This occurred when I truly “accepted” myself and who I was/am!

I am now a “healer” a Reiki Master by title. (my own cynicism and views on Reiki were a part of my journey to enlightenment), I now incorporate my “medical intuitive” abilities/physical healing capabilities and messages from the other side within my healings – just to list a few - lol.
I am humbled – I was angry – I didn’t understand – I have learnt I don’t need to understand…. “it is as it is”

“we” are all a “oneness” smile at a stranger, touch someone’s shoulder if you see they are sad…. Know others are doing the same… “Butterfly Wings”

But above all just send love….
Find your passion… “within”
It’s within you… Not with “out….”
Trust in God/Universe/Buddha/ whichever Deity - it is all love

I will leave you with my original quote:
Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?" and to quantify my thought – I am surrounded by few but a powerful “many” who make a difference and am so humbled to be able to be included within their midst – it’s a lonely journey at times.. but it’s ok.. I belong

Individually “we” are amazing “collectively” “we” are one…

Love, Light and Laughter… the “imperfect one”

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