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Dream Baby In Closet

by Daisy

About a year ago I kept on having dreams every other day about a baby. The first dream was blurry but I do remember that I was walking to my room when I heard a baby cry. I kept on trying to figure out where that crying was coming from. I opened my closet door and there he was - a baby in my closet! I was holding him asking who would leave a baby?? Then I awoke.

Every other day since that dream I’ve had dreams relating to my first dream of the baby. Up until I started getting suspicious of having a baby.

So I thought maybe my dreams are telling me that I should get a pregnancy test. Sure enough I was pregnant with a beautiful baby boy!

Was my dream a sign of my pregnancy or something else?

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Nov 27, 2012
Opportunity is hiding
by: Melody Jacobs

An opportunity will arise. Be aware of someone's true intentions, take time developing trust, it should be something that is earned and not given...

Congratulations on your baby boy! What a blessing! That is so special to have learned of a child from your dreams! A very good sign!

Your relationship with your son will be encouraging and rewarding! What a remarkable story you have now to share with friends and family! People will listen to you in awe, while becoming more drawn to you by relating truth and credibility to your persona.

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