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Dreaming of Olden Days

by Tammy
(Badin NC)

I was asleep on my couch during the day. I had a dream that a women with dark hair up in a bun. Her face kinda long with a strong jawline. Her eyes were dark and close set, very small. She was wearing a slate blue dress that had a high color up her neck with eyelet lace at the top. The sleeves were long and blousey at the top but from below the elbow it was straight with small slate pearl buttons down the sleeve to the wrist. The front of the dress had the same type buttons down the dress to the waist. The waistline was gathered and the dress flowed to the floor.

She was carrying a blanket the same color of her dress which held a baby up close to her chest. She came down my steps and stopped right in front of me at the couch and looked at me with a distraught look.

I asked her what was wrong and she just shook her head and turned and floated through my front door. Just then a heavy set man with gray hair came halfway down my steps and stooped down as to look into the livingroom. Then just shook his head and grinned and then turned and went back upstairs.

I then woke up.

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