Dreams Are Real

by Bob

In the last week of September I woke up and could remember hearing a voice in my dream saying India and the 9th. The pictures in my dream were showing me that a bomb was planted under a stadium at that time. I felt powerless, I had this fear that a lot of people were going to die, but what could I do and who’s going to believe me, and how could I prevent this?

Several days later at my mate’s house I was watching some TV; the news was on and I wasn’t really watching it, but something caught my eye. I asked my friend to rewind the TV so I could see what had missed. To my relief it was the headline of a Sunday newspaper saying a bomb was found under a stadium!

A week or so later I had a dream that I was up in the sky and it seemed to be telling me that someone’s going to blow up planes in the sky. Anyway the next day there was a story on the news that there had been a bomb on a plane and it had flown half way round the world before it was found.

I believe that the dreams are real and what I see can be prevented but sometimes, some things, no matter how much you try, you just can’t change.

I once told a friend not to get into a motor car, I told him the make and model and unfortunately, several months later, he died in a car crash! It was the very type I had told him about.

How do you explain that to anybody without looking like a mad man?

Can anybody make sense of that?

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Feb 04, 2011
You're psychic for sure!
by: Mary A.

After reading your dream, it made me extremely pleased to know you are also very sensitive and intuitive, but have had the experience of telling others your dreams with mixed reviews.

Upon years of experience, I have finally come to the conclusion that most people do not take the time to decipher their dreams or intuitions; and may treat others with disdain when the topic of dreams or any pyshic topics come into the conversation.

I don't share my dreams with strangers, nor do I share them with many of my family members.
It's great to have others, such as you, to read your experience, as like-minded attract like.

You're right in going with your gut-feelings, because usually the truth comes from this area.
You are more sane than many others, because I always think sensitive people are in synch with reality, and reality as most people believe is really not what it appears to be anyways. There's always more to the surface (reality) than what our perceptions (five senses) let in.

Jan 16, 2011
Ur not crazy!
by: Indigo Seer

Im sure you allready know that, but jst to let ya no yr not alone. I have gut feelings, and dreams of the future. Ur right some things are enevetable but some things are pre warnings. Sometimes people listen to us some think were crazy!

Just recently I was cooking chicken noodle soup. My mother lives up the hill fr. us so I called her to come on down for dinner, right then I got a very errie feeling that physically made me sick. Didnt know what this feeling was but I just knew it was about5 my ma. So I told her to wait there while I figured out what this was and if I was just worried about her driving. I then called her bk and told her my hubby and I would drive up some soup to her later. The feeling went away almost immediatly. When we got there my mom told me what my feeling was. She has a fireplace in her home and tried starting a fire. The house filled up with smoke and she had to put it out. Now if shed come over at the time I called her she would have left the fire burning to heat up the house with all the animals trapped inside. My point is always listen to your feelings,Im sure u know, but demand that others listen and take you seriously as well:)Take Care, n good luck!

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