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Dreamt of Air Disaster in France

by Anne

I really haven't thought about this event in years, but I was speaking to my mom today and she reminded me of an event I have long forgotten. I was 16 years old and it was 1974. I awoke in a terrified state from a dream so vivid I called out from my upstairs room. My mother came to my room to see what I was so upset about. I had a horrible dream about a jet liner that came crashing to earth in a forest. I described the horrific scene to her, complete with the details of charred bodies hanging from the trees. She listened patiently and helped me calm down, eventually going back to sleep. The time was 2 AM Pacific Northwest (Oregon) time.

She thought nothing about it until the next day when she turned on the television and saw the news account of one of the worst air disasters ever, of a DC 10 that crashed just 10 minutes after take off near the Orly international Airport in France. All 326 people on board were killed. She, of course, was freaked out, especially when she did the math and realized my dream was exactly the same time as the actual crash in France, which was at 11 am (2 am Oregon time). I was very upset for days afterwards, but I ultimately filed it away until today when she told me the whole account and it just gives me goosebumps to remember it. I have had other dreams which I consider psychic but this one still ranks as the biggest of them all.

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