Dr.Ginny Found My Love Online

by Maria
(Andover, Mass. USA)

I had been looking for the perfect man; the man of my dreams and my soul mate. It just was not happening. I was on all the online computer sites and it was like I was a magnet for every loser out there! If a guy had no job, tons of baggage, high bills or some kind of weird fetish you could be sure he would "wink" at me :(

A friend of mine finally admitted to me that she consulted with a Psychic by the name of Dr. Ginny to find the perfect guy on EHarmony. Two years later the guy Dr. Ginny picked married by best friend and they are now expecting their first child!

I thought well why not use whatever tools I can, I mean after all "Happy Together For Ever After" was worth the cost of a new pair of shoes right! I have to admit I did not hold out high hopes for this. I always thought Psychics were for entertainment only. Well I contacted her and she talked with me for a short time then spent a few days researching men online at Match.com where I did most of my "hunting".

Three days later she sent me a list of men she said would be the perfect match and that I should "Wink" at them. The funny part was that they did not seem like the kind of guys I would normally have winked at, but I had paid her $120.00 so I started winking. Well I went on several dates and guess what, to my surprise, I liked them all! Really I did not have one bad date, not one!! I fell really hard for a wonderful guy who’s picture did not even appeal to me at first, but when I met him, well let’s just say there were fireworks. I had to hand it to Dr. Ginny, she was 100% on the money.

We just got engaged this past July 4th and plan to wed in May of 2011. I would tell anybody if you are looking to meet your future mate this is the way to go.

Thank you to Dr. Ginny (drginny.com) for making my dreams come true :)!!!!

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