Earth Angel

by Faith Lynn

I woke up from a twilight sleep shaking and drenched in sweat. In this dream I saw myself at the street corner about a 1/2 mile away from my home. A boy on his bike was riding on the sidewalk, not heading the traffic light. He zoomed into the street as a car came from from a left turn blind to the boy and I watched the boy hit the car and roll onto the hood. I felt his last breath leave his body.

In shock I got up and put on my coat, found my slippers and opened my front door.

The morning was cool and overcast, on the brink of late fall. I walked outside my door and was compelled to keep walking. Images flashed as I focused on the boy I knew was still alive.

I quickened my pace and found the intersection in my dream and stood by the light. Within moments, the boy came into sight. I started to wave my arms at him and called him over to help me. The boy stopped in front of me, he was exactly as I visioned him. Realizing that I looked like a fool I simply asked him for directions to a place I already knew and told him my daughter was having a craving. He was kind enough to tell me where I could find what I had asked for.

From behind us, a car whizzed by us both, the boy thought nothing of it. But I knew it was the car that would have hit this boy. We both turned our head as this car was going a bit fast, when I looked back I simply thanked him for the directions and walked back home.

I never saw the boy again. I can only imagine the perplexed look he gave me as I walked away in a different direction that what I was directed to. But I didn't care. I have had this ability since birth, and it will not be the last time I wonder out in my PJ's.

Faith Lynn

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Oct 31, 2010
Soul Mate Connection
by: Sherry Dayson

OH MY, OH MY, OH MY, is all I have to say at this point. I couldn't believe my reading with this gifted lady. I have been using this website for several years, and have yet to have my senses knocked out like I did this afternoon. Now don't get me wrong, I still have a couple of favourites on here, but for sure Faith is definitely one of them now. This past week I have been talking to a couple of psychics about a soul mate connection. I had met a man 6 years ago, we became very close very fast, just felt so comfortable with one another. He moved away and we have sort of lost touch over the past 5 years, but just can't get him out of my head. So this past week we have slowly started to re-connect, and I decided to give Faith a call about this after reading her feedback. Now when she answered, she asked me what I would like to talk about, I said a few things, and she said without any word from that she was picking up on a soul mate connection. I couldn't believe my ears. We then talked about a couple of things, and I asked her to tell me about this soul mate connection, she just up and asked me who is John?? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! I actually almost fainted as I have never in all my years of readings been asked the exact correct name!!!!!!!!!!! John is his name and the reading was so precise and exactly what I have been going through. I have a lot to digest and think about, but I don't have to think very long on who I will be phoning a lot more now! Everyone try Faith out, she will knock your socks off, as she did mine!

Thanks Faith, looking forward to next time. Love you!

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