Evil Spirit Dog

by Tyler Trinh
(Fairfax, VA)

I saw a dog and when I put my hand out it started to bite my hand ferociously. I was not afraid. It jumped up at me and I grabbed it by the throat. Its eyes were yellow and red as I looked straight into them. I could feel a sense of power from my hands. I said the words" I denounce you" at the same moment the image degraded, I heard my own words, and I was opening my eyes all at the same time!

I awoke to see my hands on my chest laying straight. I felt so rested.

Weird huh?

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Oct 10, 2015
I had it
by: Anonymous

The wolf demon "as he is known" also once bothered me played with me for 2 weeks. In a vision months ago it growled at me several times i was not afraid of it either it gave me 6 horrible visions and on the 7th i couldn't see it in the vision only hear it.. god allowed me to grab the wolf demon and strangle it.. at first it i thought i was pain i was feeling like electricity but i realized it was the similar spiritual energy so i strangled it full in and i was thrown into my room with a head of fire over me.

I look back and wish i was tortured by the wolf again ... the new demons are much worse then that... especially the black cloaked one i catch in my room.. Does anyone know if it ends? it began 3 months ago and gets worse and worse i seek god and he destroys them but after they are gone worse ones come..help??

Jul 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

They call it a demon....that well kill somewon
if you dont take control i have that same demon
but with red eyes and the bigest black wolf you well ever see.

May 03, 2011
Dog Dream interpretation
by: Audrey

A demonic spirit in a dog or wolf...attacking in a dream is more real than one might think. the more light we spread in the world, the more we are enemies of darkness and dark spirits. The ability to be shielded is good, but the ability to be powerful is even better. The dream is an indication of great spiritual power of light... that the soul can grow mighty and repulse evil.

The dream is a gift of knowledge that you are not as weak or helpless as you might feel at times on this planet. Only the flesh is weak. Knowledge of inner strength is a tremendous asset.

A person who has ascended spiritually in the light, grows in self awareness, knowledge and abilities. It would not be good for everybody to hold super god-like powers or the world would be doomed!! Walking in the light is an essential. When you walk in the light 24/7 demons can't penetrate your space. The light is like a powerful universal force and the feeling of it is love and joy.


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