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Exceptionally Skillful
Psychic Advertorials

If you are an Exceptionally Skillful Psychic I am happy to promote you on this site.

Are a terrific tarot reader, crystal ball gazer, accurate astrologer or an Exceptionally Skillful Psychic and can write about it? Then this is your opportunity to let us all know about you.

Here are the steps to getting noticed.

Get out your notepad and pen or open your word processor. Get yourself comfortable, coffee, tea or water at the ready and . . . stop. Take some time out and read though my suggestions, then come back to writing.

Find your Niche. Focus on your specific exceptionally skillful psychic ability. What is your unique selling point - USP? What is your specialty? Astrology / Dream Interpretation / Psychic Medium / Tarot Reader / Angel Intuitive / Numerology / Palmistry??? Find more suggestions on my A to Z list of psychic abilities.

Write a How-To article about your specialty. For instance if your niche is an Angel Intuitive write about angels and How-To connect with angels. If you are a Tarot Reader, write an interesting article about How-To use Tarot as a psychic tool. Perhaps you can write about a specific deck you use or about how one can tune into and receive guidance from Tarot Cards.

  • Important considerations in writing your article:

Unique. This article must not be published anywhere else.

Consistent to your niche. This is a way of portraying your own unique insight and expertise in your specific field.

Content is interesting and not a sales pitch. This is a 'HOW TO' on your psychic subject. This put’s you firmly in the position of the expert and clients will want to hire you. This is not a sales promotion for your services.

Exclusive. You have not copied your own or the content of anyone else, and agree to give copyright to

  • I will edit the article to attract search engine rankings that can send enquiries to you. (I have all the tools to do this well) This article page will be linked to your client facility. I reserve all rights to edit and modify your article, infusing specific keywords to help search engines find and rank the page as high as possible.

Write a short bio at the end. This IS self promotion so you can list all of your psychic attributes, abilities and areas of expertise.

Identify your Client Facility. Are you using Liveperson/Kasamba, Keen, Oranum Click4advice (C4A), California Psychics Line, eBay, your own website or your own customer service line? I need to send the interested clients to you in some way. Remember I don’t provide Client Facilities. I recommend some here but you are free to choose. 

Exceptionally Skillful Psychic

There are no fees to pay Your pages will be subsidized by secondary adverting and affiliate links where appropriate. If you prefer no subsidized adverts a fee can be negotiated. However I recommend beginning this way (Free) while I build search engine rankings and traffic to your client facility.

Important Disclaimer: You remain independent from at all times. You are not an employee, agent or representative of in any way at any time. There is no work contract or binding agreement to enter into because I am simply promoting you, directing inquiry to the client facility you have or intend to use. In a nut-shell, if you are an Exceptionally Skillful Psychic, my aim at is to promote your independent exceptionally skillful psychic services.

Post Your Exceptionally Skillful Psychic Advertorials

OK so take some time and allow yourself to write something interesting based on my guidelines. Next add your 'how-to' article, and a short bio via this page. Add your link information at the end and I can set up linking details to you.

Alternatively you can take the psychic interview.