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Flirting Seen Psychically

by Kellie

I have so many Psychic Stories but I guess I will just share this one for now. This one was very vivid and strong. My husband was working out of town with some friends and I kept getting a feeling that they were doing something they were not supposed to. I knew that it wasn't really my husband's idea but that being around all the boys was just something he had to deal with until he got home.

I saw what they were doing in my mind; the vibes I was getting were totally messing with my concentration. I saw my husband's friends and my husband in the van riding down the highway and that they were flirting with some women that were driving beside them. They were motioning to the women to lift up their shirts. I know it sounds crazy but the women did lift up there shirts and showed their breasts. At first I was thinking why in the world am I getting a vibe about something so crazy? But it was true! When I talked to my husband when they got home he admitted it was true.

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