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So is there such a thing as a Free Love Psychic? Yes you can find a free psychic reading focused on love here.

Many psychics with a great affinity to dealing with matters of love will offer you a free 3 or 5 minutes in order to make a good impression and win your business as a paying client. But that is were the FREE in free love psychic advice usually ends.

The ‘no’ answer to the above question takes over at this point. Let’s face it; the authentic psychic is a professional who offers a service for a fee just like any other professional advisor or consultant. Frankly, I would be very wary of any other reason for FREE that you see offered.

Undoubtedly the most in-demand reason a psychic is consulted is about love and romance. And possibly the most in demand cost for psychic advice is FREE.

So be real and when taking advantage of the free love psychic reading, realize that past the introductory few free minutes you will need to decide if you want to end the session or continue on and go into PAID time.

There is another aspect of the free LOVE psychic reading. Yes, that’s right; we are talking ‘love’. The single most sought after treasure on the planet.

What is love? Why are we so in search of it? Here is a little FREE love psychic advice.

Science tells us that love is both an evolutionary force and our biochemistry. Evolution’s constant drive for the continued existence of our species bonds us to form interdependent units to increase the reproductive success of our race. The evolved body is also loaded with powerful chemicals to help ensure the success of the bonding. The “love chemical” is phenyl-ethylamine (PEA).

When phenyl-ethylamine is released in the brain of any human, he or she will feel feverishly amorous, romantic, and “turned on” by the person who is the object of these feelings.

Add a little Oxytocin (“the cuddle chemical”), and you have the lovemaking sensations of relaxed satisfaction and attachment. Oxytocin may influence our ability to bond with others, according to researchers at the University of California, San Francisco. Their study builds upon previous knowledge of the important role Oxytocin plays in the reproductive life of mammals. The hormone facilitates nest building and pup retrieval in rats, acceptance of offspring in sheep, and the formation of adult pair-bonds in prairie voles. In humans, Oxytocin stimulates milk ejection during lactation and uterine contraction during birth This cuddle chemical, Oxytocin is released during sexual orgasm in both men and women. (The study appears in the July issue of Psychiatry.)

So falling in love is a lot like being on drugs. A natural high more elevated than from any drug you could consume. Of course, love isn’t something you can pick up at the pharmacy or even on the black market. It strikes you like a mystical gift from the Great Spirit, or a practical joke from Mother Nature. Then it stirs up that euphoric, chemical gumbo that permeates your cells, creating a place within you where hormones meet holiness, wildflowers bloom, angels dance, and the city never sleeps.

After a while, your body builds up a tolerance to the phenyl-ethylamine and other love chemicals. Those euphoric feelings of love can fade; leaving you wondering where is the passion? Where has love gone?

Enter the Mighty Endorphins. For a relationship to endure, endorphins must be released in the brain. If they are, then the love relationship can carry on. These opiate-like endorphins and the sweet-feeling Oxytocin sensitize your nerves, stimulates muscle contraction, enhances orgasm and makes cuddling feel fabulous. They bring on that nice, warm sense of well-being you get when you’re really comfortable with someone. When you reach this point the relationship can last forever.

But if you are here and yet you no longer really like your partner, and you feel you should move on, it often feels like you “can’t.” This is because you’re chemically addicted. Oxytocin, when it’s got you hooked on the wrong partner, can be tougher to kick than heroin. In fact, the prescription painkiller, OxyContin, based on somewhat similar ingredients, is considered one of the most addictive (and dangerous) medications on the market.

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Dr.Fisher is The Scientist of Love. As this YouTube Video shows; she put 32 People Madly in Love through a MRI brain scanner. 17 who were madly in love and their love was accepted and 15 people who were madly in love and had just been dumped....

So if you are struggling with lost love and the withdrawals of cuddle chemicals, perhaps you shouldn’t trust such important issues to the FREE element of a free love psychic reading, but seek instead more accurate and ‘paid for’ psychic advice.

Use the free minutes to FIND the right free love psychic for you.

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