Free Psychic Readings
in Google Groups

Continuing my assorted tips for free psychic readings here are the steps to find free psychics in Google Groups.

Now I know, I always harp on about not wasting the time and energy it takes to find free psychic readings, but here is the plan to get a free psychic question or two answered within google groups.

The stages to go through are simple enough but as usual you will need some time and determination. You need to find the psychically inclined groups and then leave a post for your free psychic question. There are plenty of free psychics within the cyber walls of the many metaphysically flavored groups you will be googling at.

First go to Google Groups. This will open a new window so that you can keep my guidelines visible while you learn to find a free reading with a psychic.

Create an account or just sign in if you already have a google account set up. Then just search with relevant keywords like psychic, psychics, tarot reading, and clairvoyants. When you find a good group, join it.


You will need to select how you want to read the group messages. These are the choices:

  1. No Email - You will read this group on the web.
  2. Abridged Email - Get a summary of new activity emailed to you each day.
  3. Digest Email - You get up to 25 full new messages bundled into a single email.
  4. Email - Each message is emailed to you as it arrives.

Remember to choose a nickname for people in this group to see you.

And then post your psychic questions and wait for your answers.

If you are web newbie, before you get carried away with searching for your free psychic readings, take the Google Groups Tour found at the bottom of the google groups page to get the big picture and then come back here for the psychic picture.

Another idea is to start a group of your own for free psychic readings and see how many psychics you can attract and share with others looking for free psychics.

There are lots of paranormal Google Groups you could try. But since creating this page Google have changed the groups settings considerable. So I have removed the old links but left the group info to help you search for them now.

The new Google Groups is an improved way to participate in online discussions. It’s easy to get started: search or browse for topics that interest you.

Sample Groups for Free Psychic Readings

Free Psychic Readings. Anyone can join, only members can post and archives are public. Search 'FREE-Psychic-Reading'

Tarot Readings Group for sharing tarot reading ideas, techniques and also to offer free psychic readings to other members. Search 'tarotreadings'

Kp astrology and Jyotish This group is formed to initiate research in Kp astrology and Jyotish by exchanging views on practical observations by researchers in this field. Horoscope readings can be requested but not necessarily answered. Search 'KpJyotish'

Free Astrology. Anyone can join, only members can post and archives are public. Search 'free-astrology'

Tarot. An open group, dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and experiences, relating to the Tarot. We talk about the tarot cards, the different layouts, meanings, folklore, and any psychic questions about them. This is a peaceful place where people can come to talk about the tarot, in an environment of sharing and compassion. People with all levels of tarot experience are welcome here. If you want to learn about the tarot, are interested in improving your skills, or just want to share what you know, in a positive way, please join us! Search 'tarot'

Searching-For-Truth A group for the path of truth. Subjects discussed: ancient history, enlightenment, new age, mystics, metaphysics, occult, esoteric, wisdom, healing, paranormal, NWO, UFO's, abductions, aliens, ascension; cosmic consciousness, truth, chemtrails, dimensions, OBE, teachings, spiritual, angels, karma. Search 'Searching-For-Truth'

PSYCHICS_izab This is a group for you to share stories and experiences with mystics and psychics, ALL metaphysical topics are welcome! If you are interested in a free psychic reading. Search 'PSYCHICS_izab'

Beyond Mind The world that we see around is a delusion. What lies beneath our superficial perceptions? What is it that the Physics can't decipher but Mystics can! How do constantly keep changing our universe by a mere thought in our minds? Finding answers for the unfound, as both - a scientist & a mystic ! Search 'beyondmind'

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