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From Tone Deaf to Altar Boy!

by Jackie
(Nottinghamshire, England)

Many years ago I used to sit in a home circle. Family members and close family friends also attended. My mother-in-law was the medium. This circle took place once a week. We were visited by family that had passed over and Spirit Guides too. Many messages were given. However on one particular night a strange thing happened, a friend of ours called Tony came to the circle, it was to be his last sitting with us because he was joining the navy and he came to say goodbye.

We all settled down, prayers were said and the circle opened. We were all sitting quietly when all of a sudden he burst into song. His voice was perfect and he sounded just like a choir boy. He was singing old war songs. It was a very emotional night for us all. After the circle finished we had cake and tea, and started talking about the evening. He was astounded when we told him about his singing, because he was tone deaf. Fortunately for him we had taped the evening. He took a copy with him when he left.

Unfortunately not long after he joined up, we went to war with Argentina. We never heard from him again. I will always remember that night, as if it was yesterday. And I believe spirit was warning us about going to war.

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