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Ghost Seeing Experiences

by Leena

I think my first ‘ghost seeing’ experience was when I was 5 years old; I could see this man that only I can see! But now I believe he was the spirit of a dead man! I really hated him because he used to kick me and hit my head for no reason, when I played with other children of my age they would get scared because I used to tell him to move and get out of the room. The spirit told me that one of our neighbors is cheating her husband, one day she came to visit and I told her that, she was freaked out and kept saying it wasn't true. Since then everywhere I go and anywhere I live I would see spirits of dead people.

Evil spirits - The first time I saw an evil spirit was when I was 7, I woke up middle of the night because I felt cold although it was summer, I felt like cold air entering the room, I went to check the windows and balcony with a torch light, I found it open! I closed it and went back to my room, few minutes later I felt the same cold air passing by, again I switched on my torch light and went to check the same windows and balcony which I have locked, I was confused when I found both the balcony and window unlocked and open!! that moment I felt something strange happening, I went back to my room and went under the blanket, then I saw two figures moving outside my room, I thought it was my parents, I called “Mom! Dad! Are you are still awake?” that moment those two figures stopped and looked at me, both had red eyes and one of the figures changed its form to a lion, they both walked towards me, I couldn't shout or scream from how scared I was, I covered myself I only kept one eye open to watch, I remember I was sweating and my heart beats racing, OMG!

Remembering this after all these years is still making me feel scared. I don't know how I fell asleep that night but next morning I woke up with needles on my mattress, both my legs were bleeding or it looked like it was bleeding I can see red lines on my legs but no blood coming out, it was strange! I didn't tell anyone about this I covered my leg and didn't show anyone what happened to me.

There are other experiences I had but these are the two first ghost seeing experiences.

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