Gifted Indigo Schools

by Victoria
(Vancouver BC Canada)

I'm Indigo and I'd love to have a school for the gifted! I'm not going to get into to my story of being an Indigo, I'll keep it simple, as like many others I've always been aware of who I am, I didn't have a name to put to who I was though until about a year ago, from a great friend of mine who is a medium, 42 years of practice :)

So, one of my greatest loves in the world are children... I love children soooo much! I've donated my eggs to a family in the Netherlands who are due to have their first baby in January! I have this Intuitive feeling it’s a girl and she too will be an Indigo :)

Anyway I'm also adopting my niece who is 2 months old, it's a long process but I feel so blessed to be the care giver of my niece!

I was thinking more than ever, now that I'm about to become a mom for the first time, how I really don't want to have my children be in a regular school being taught by people far more negative, less open minded and too structured in the wrong areas.

I'd like to know of, or start up a school for our children, one that teaches them all about the TRUTH and to be spiritual and enlightened! I want them to know what I didn't get to know until I was an adult. I don't want my children to be told they are crazy because other children don't understand them and their conscious level of thinking.

If I can't run a school like this or find one, I'm going to home school and teach my children myself. For I know MOST children are VERY bright, that is until we condition them to think a certain way, limiting their imaginations, and making them follow the rest of the heard like sheep. My children and YOUR children should not have to be that way, for we as adults know better! We KNOW the values of the true divine world and galaxy, and our power is limitless if we teach our children to teach their children and their children’s children etc.

A domino effect at best!

So this is my dream, I hope to someday make it a reality! Imagine how BRIGHT and POWERFUL our children would be if we started them in the right direction never redirecting their imaginations and intelligence... they'd soon be teaching us!

Thanks for letting me share my story!
Bless everyone who took the time to read my story and dreams :)

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Dec 10, 2016
Lets Start the Preschool!
by: Indica Indigo

I used to teach Montessori so I have my credentials but I love the idea of starting the preschool and teach them all the the things that we knew back then but were being told we were crazy.

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